Steal a FoS from the player above part II

Starting this over. No clue what happened to the original one.
I will steal "The Insane" to gain the requisite exalted reps and help myself along in my rep grind ;)

Woot! Bonus!
Winterspring Frostsaber

Only one you have that I dont have haha
since your ally ;p
Herald of the Titans
murkablo deathy and lil deathwing want em all :P
Avast ye, Admiral!

Because dwarf pirates are awesome.
A pet achievement for sure. I guess Deathy if I have to narrow it down? Second choice being the marine.
Vampire Hunter please! I was taking an extended break around that time so I'll never see that darn thing :(
Damn Booziel, a lot of FoS's. I'll take Veteran of the Shifting Sands any day though XD
Ashes of Al'ar
Hand of A'dal, really wish i finished my quests back then.
Swift Flight Form -_-
realm first obsidium slayer cause my old server we lost it to the first people to find the instance
Ashes of Al'ar
The Horseman's Reins.

Remember when the event first came out and the summons were personal? I bought them off of 20+ people a day and farmed it. And I still don't have it. /sigh
I have most of yours, but I'll take the other brewfest mount since I don't have the kodo yet. =)

EDIT: Sup Yukio, I traded Argent Tourney pets with you forever ago when you were on Hydraxis!
Umm I have most so probably just say Shadowmourne, haven't finished that yet.
ill take the immortal

have undying but never went back to finish 25man

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