Holy pvp stat priority?

Any thoughts on our stat priority in 5.2? Is intel taking clear priority over pvp power now? Who's stacking mastery over crit? How much spirit and resil do we need before we can stop stacking them?
I've always thought of Spirit as a preference thing, depending on how well you micro-manage spell and cooldown usage. Same with Resilience, although I personally prefer to stack Resilience like no other . . . 68% and more is always welcome.

Same with Mastery and Crit. Although I do think Crit is better for PvP. I stacked Mastery in 5.1 and switched to Crit in 5.2, and I haven't noticed a *huge* change . . . but I do like it more. And while Crit is RNG, you can't help but love those 120k+ heals.
Mastery is more stable, but a critical is always better than a 20-30% normal-heal absorption shield. And if you get up into those higher crit percentages, you're going to see a significant increase in healing.

And I think that Intellect does give more of a benefit than PvP Power (although maybe I'm thinking of Spell Power, I could be wrong) because it increases Crit chance.
Thank you for this response. I haven't been able to find much in the way of definitive information on stats this expac, it's all kind of confusing and contradictory. I guess that might be a good thing though, maybe it means the stats are so well balanced for holy pallies that there are no clear winners. I will start gemming for intel rather than pvp power, though.
I've stacked crit and mastery and I've noticed more shielding and less over healing with mastery.
I personally use crit for my holy pvp stat. I love the holy shock crits over and over again.
Just to show why I continue to be confused:

Aside from Resilience, your stat priority is:
PvP Power > Intellect > Critical > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Hit >> Anything else.
(but they say gem resil)

Intellect > PvP Power > PvP Resilience > Crit > Spirit > Haste > Mastery

Intellect > Spirit > PvP Resilience > PvP Power > Mastery > Crit >Haste

Maybe this means our stats are well balanced and I shouldn't get hung up on it? Maybe it means it depends on my healing style?
uhhhh I don't mixing all that stuff together


04/09/2013 05:19 AMPosted by Andie
Intellect > PvP Power

is correct

for pieces with spirit reforge stuff like haste to crit/mastery > all

for pieces without spirit reforge for more spirit (preferably the haste stat as well)

for gems 320 resil in yellow sockets

80 int/ 160 resil in red sockets

160 spirit / 160 resil in green sockets

as for mastery vs crit. a lot of top players are speccing mastery. it gives more pre-emptive healing which helps when you are CCed and cant put out heals. quite weakness for pallys due to lack of hots

while crit gives higher burst healing and more chances of daybreak procs. however its a lot better now since holy shock gives an extra 25% crit chance in mop.

its preference really im not going say which is exactly worse. but seems like a bit more higher rated players go mastery

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