Warlock, Shadow Priest or Monk.

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I need help deciding which one to roll. Right now me and a friend are re-rolling, He is being a mage and I a hunter. But that character is strictly for when we are both on. So i'm contemplating on either a warlock, shadow priest or monk. So anyone that can help please rate these categories.

Rating 1-5 (5 being the best, with 1 being the worst.) Explanations and information is much appreciated, and wanted.

Leveling speed/difficulty:

How well are they for AoEing:

Farming for gold/mats:


Soloing Old Content:

How good in PVP:

Your opinion of enjoyment:

How is monk tanking?:

Best leveling spec for each class:
None are hard to level. I've leveled them all to 90 without much difficulty.

Monks were struggling in cleave situations before but they've added a new ability to help with that. Locks and Spriest always do well in AOE.

The class you pick has nothing to do with farming.

All 3 have great survivability cooldowns. There really isn't a best for this, just better ones for different situations.

I wouldn't pick any of those 3 for soloing old content if you really want to push the limit of what you can solo.

They're all fine in PVP.

My enjoyment is completely subjective and won't help you. People who play that class enjoy that class, or they wouldn't play it. I enjoy playing all of them.

It's fine. Not sure what other specifics you want about monk tanking.

If you are going to solo then it's obvious you should pick shadow priest or windwalker monk for those classes. If you are going to do dungeons then it really doesn't matter. All 3 warlock specs solo fine, but I think I found destruction to be the fastest.

I'm sorry if this didn't answer things the way you wanted, I just don't feel it's really fair to assign number rank to these things. I don't think that most of these questions are really good reasons for picking a certain class. You should pick a class that has some lasting appeal to you.

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