(A) Shots Fired LFM Late Night Raiding.

Shots Fired

Realm: Stormrage / Alliance

Raid Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 11pm-2am EST / Server.

Recruiting: 1 RDPS Either Mage / Spriest and 1 Healer (Non Priest / Monk) with DPS offspec.

How To Contact Me: Simplicity931@gmail.com or Rapheeki#1358 or contact Baender at bullet101#1807

In-Game Contacts: Rapheeki, Maalus or Baender

Little Bit About Us? Basically the guild is formed by a small group of friends that have been gaming with one another for quite a few years now. Our interest is to form a solid late night raid team, to push through the content Blizzard has to offer. At best we will have a Semi - Hardcore raid atmosphere. While we want to push through the content and see everything Blizzard throws at us, HAVING FUN is an absolute requirement. We love to BS around, give each other a hard time and just enjoy the game and the time we have to play together as a group. We have each played and raided across multiple MMO's for many years now, whether it was Vanilla WoW, EQ 1 / 2 and pretty much every MMO released up til now. We are a very chill laid back group of raiders with a very extensive raiding history, and we welcome all skilled individuals with the same interest.
Still need some ranged dps, plus a heal or two!
Updated with our new website, note that is it very much still in the works and still gotta pay for it plus want to grab our own domain.
Would LOVE a Mage or Elemental Shaman, an H pally or R shaman would be great to!
Updated our current needs, just need a Tank and 1 Melee DPS!
Quick update again, just need a Melee non Rogue now!
Just for clarification purposes and since Raph seems to be brain dead when he makes forum posts. We are starting in T14 (MSV/HoF/ToES) as a brand new guild with everyone needing to get used to each other. So if that's something you want to be a part of due to being behind the curve or late to MoP, then contact either of us in game or on here!
Need 2 slots! Can we get some RDPS or a Melee!
Gur, why u buggin?
Hey Rapheeki, I'm planning on moving over to Stormrage on Saturday, and you're guild sounds like a perfect fit for me. I'm guessing I previously talked to Maalus because he's already on my friendslist. :P Right now, I'm sitting at 481 ilvl, with mostly all LFR gear. I'm always above 50k dps, and I hit 60k+ alot, too. If you check out my gear and think I'd be a good fit, I'd appreciate it if you stopped advertising to get another Melee DPS. Sorry if that sounds selfish, I just don't want this opportunity to go to waste because I have to wait 48 hours to xfer servers. Anyways, thanks for the read.

- Descending
Ello Descending, I have a terrible work schedule Today. I'll do my best to get in touch with you as soon as I can.
Sure, if you want to get in contact with me, add me on RealID. My RealID is Witten#1575, I won't be on Stormrage, so add me there, and we can talk. Thanks.

- Descending
Bae sweetums!
Still looking for our last 2 spots please!
Bump! Our first raid night we went 6/6 MSV with 3 pretty bad pug RDPS, we're looking to build up a pretty strong 10 man and we just need 2 more to fill up our core. LF 1 healer (non sham/priest) that's comfortable with their DPS OS and 1 RDPS (pref mage/spriest)
Need a Resto druid or H Pally and Hunter / Spriest!
Resto Druids & Holy Paladins and Hunters & Spriest, WHY YOU HIDE FROM ME! I need you, we need you, just one Hunter or Spriest, JUST ONE Resto Druid or Holy Paladin. Come to us, we love you.

/Wink /Pulls up pants leg.... Yea, just peaked ALL THE INTEREST.
More heals!

Edit: we are now recruiting a good physical DPS, prefer hunter but will consider all.
Looking for 1 Ranged Spriest / Hunter & 1 Melee (Non Rogue)

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