(A) Shots Fired LFM Late Night Raiding.

to the top! still need more exceptional raiders
Bump, mages and hunters, wru?
Woot, 16/16 now. Need a Mage / Hunter as well as 1 Healer (Non Priest / Monk) with DPS offspec! Get in touch if interested! Looking to hit ToT soon enough!
What are your raid times?
Just changed a day because Tuesday night que wasn't playing into our favor :(, we raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 11pm - 2am Server / EST.
hey rap im a 477 MW/ WW offspec monk lookin for a late night team after my main (pally tank 503 ilvl) gets done with his progression tot runs...u guys sound perfect cuz i still need gear from last tier for my monk. hit me up man if u still need a heals/ dps
Need 2 RDPS Mage / Hunter / Spriest! As well as 1 Healer (non Priest / Monk) with viable DPS offspec!
Sorry I didn't see your post Fried, appreciate the interest but not only have we moved on from T14 now, we also already have a MV monk. :) Thanks though.
Still need a Mage or Shadow Priest! As well as that non Monk / Priest Healer preferably with a viable DPS offspec!
@Friedrice, Please contact me in game we may have had a spot open
Bump, just need a druid/shaman that's comfortable with their DPS OS to fill up our 10 man, we just started working on ToT so get in on the ground floor!
hey baender i saw ur post ill put u in my friends list and contact u when im online.
Bump! Almost full, just need a healer with DPS offpsec. Preference goes to pally/druid/shamans.
Also looking for casual/pvp members to just come and hang out with a fun group of guys.
bump, just need that elusive heals w/ DPS OS!
Bump, we now have 2 spots open, 1 healer (pref pally/monk/shaman) and 1 DPS, preference goes to a lust class but all will be considered.
BanG! BanG!
Bump LF 1 healer, prefer monk or pally.
Heya stormragers ;-) I'm currently looking for a late night raid home. Am currently in a casual guild with a great group of people but am trying to progress more into 5.2 content. I work Mon thru Fri until 11 east coast time and can be online 15-20 after 11. My main is a 504 holy pally named Fübar (alt641 for the u) and a 485ish hunter. Both in a guild named uncontrolled vengeance horde side on burning blade server. Hunters name is reedus. I'd rather stick with the holy pally but will gladly raid on the hunter if everything else is a good fit. 79mattimus@Comcast.net if you fancy that type of response if interested
Take care ;-)
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