(H-Rp)The Collegia of Artisans is recruiting.

Wyrmrest Accord
How does one hear about the Collegia of Artisans? As a loosely allied coalition of Craftsmen, Professionals and Artists of all different walks of life who banded together for mutual benefit and safe haven to pursue their crafts it did not advertise in the traditional sense. It didn't waste money on a poster campaign when that same coin could instead be used to purchase more materials for their crafts.

Instead, members listened to the rumors and read the writing on the walls of many different cities, keeping eyes and ears out for individuals who had the same drive, the same passion for their chosen path in life that drives all craftsmen and artists onwards. All such a person needed was a place to let their passions flow freely into their work to turn an normal craftsman into something of legend.

Of course, sometimes those wishing to prove themselves will seek out the Collegia instead. All are welcome regardless of race, their decisions in life or their passionate craft.


The Collegia of Artisans is a light to heavy Rp guild dedicated to those who wish to pursue their characters career without having to put guild events or other such things above it. You can interact with your fellow guild members as much or as little as you wish since all true craftsmen understand that the importance of the latest project. And of course, help will be provided in the never ending search for materials for said latest project, regardless of what profession it is for.

We do plan on having guild projects and events set up once we have some members under our belts, but how much time you put into such events is completely up to you.

We will ask for an IC interview upon joining/ when there is time.
...Would someone mind telling me what I am doing wrong? Is it just poor adverting on my part, are other guilds just better at it or is this just a horrible idea altogether?
I like the idea. Too few people roleplay their crafts. I think that the concept might not attract many people right off the bat, but I think you should keep going with it.
Bump! Keep at it!
...Should I be worried about the fact that the people saying it is a good idea have Alliance mains?
This is a very niche concept so don't expect to see potential recruits in droves.

With that said, good luck with your guild.

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