is auto-interrupt legal or not in arena?

People don't understand that half the people in bgs barely even remember what they have their kick bound to... It's much more likely he remembered it, and pressed it, and lucked out with you starting your cast at the same time... but then again. !@#$ logic.

Yeah, he lucked out 20 times in a row. And interrupted exactly the same useless spell (demonic circle) with a cast time of 1/3 of a second. That's completely plausible.
Maybe so. I remember however this one time in season 11 I ran into someone using that. I remember it because my demonic circle had a cast time of something like 0.3s. Think about it. ONE THIRD of a second for this player to see me casting, react to it, and push his interrupt, accounting for server lag etc.

the average human reaction time is between .15 secs and .3 secs

note the first is faster than the .3 secs that spell has to cast and the second one is the same as the .3 seconds that spell takes to cast

also this is just the average, some people are faster, and some are slower, some can probably react in .1 secs

all people are different and some just have quicker reaction times than others. just becuz they can interrupt ur casts almost at will well that doesnt mean that they are using a 3rd party program to interupt you they might just have a quick reaction time believe it or not. yes it has happened but i highly doubt it is a common thing if it is even happening at all anymore.
Ran across this only once, but in a random battleground. My demonic circle summon was kicked. It's a .4 second cast after my haste.

No one has ever done that. No one. Human reaction time makes it very difficult. Lag makes it impossible.

And no one !@#$ing anticipates circle casts.
They exist. They're not very common, but they do exist.

It's not that hard to figure out when people are doing, especially not when it's in random BGs with keyturning, (probably) clicking players.
Perhaps some can interrupt like that, but probably not.

For some time, nodump (or something like this) macros existed too, which would only interrupt if a spell was actually being cast. They were kinda funny to see. :/
its so easy to juke them...literally cast while moving. takes like a nano second. so its not a issue.
I'd say your intuition is probably correct he's running something or doing something weird if it's that recurring, especially if the player doesn't seem to be doing anything else noteworthy, or is playing rather poorly.

Write a ticket about your concern, and ask that someone look into it. It's not just about your negative experience, but others that might be effected as well. Doesn't hurt to make sure.
the average human reaction time is between .15 secs and .3 secs

And how about latency? That adds another layer to it. No matter how much you want to believe otherwise, there are hacks out that allow you to auto-kick.
People don't understand that half the people in bgs barely even remember what they have their kick bound to... It's much more likely he remembered it, and pressed it, and lucked out with you starting your cast at the same time... but then again. !@#$ logic.

No, there really is a bot that auto-interrupts. Human beings usually can't react that quickly :P

It might be some rank 1 calibre player with an odd sense of humor, but usually the keyboard-turning, back-pedaling, and lack of abilities pressed is a pretty good indicator of botting.

It is also bannable, so please report these players for cheating. You can right-click on their unit frame to do so.
Actually today I also played against a DK that was interrupting me BLOODY fast.

And this wasn't some Gladiator or even Duelist player. He wasn't even a CHALLENGER.

The best part is, he nearly solod me in some stuns with his high skillcap damage, forcing me to bubble. He sat on top of me, still swinging into my bubble and I happened to be casting while the bubble was fading... Kicked the very millisecond that bubble dissipated. This backpedaling, facerolling DK kicked me mid-cast right as my bubble ended.. Skill or luck?

Later on in the match, after a couple minutes of NOT keyboard turning or backpedaling, as well as outplaying them, I decided: IT'S TIME TO CAST SOMETHING BECAUSE HP POOLS ARE NOT AT 100%. Hit button -> kicked immediately. As opposed to most healers, I don't make it obvious that I'm about to stop and cast something. So yeah, this was incredibly sketchy.

However, I did actually juke him a few times (all of the jukes were of me on one edge of a pillar and he was coming around). I also understand the concept of a very fast kick, because I've done it to people multiple times. I just couldn't believe that someone as bad as this DK was kicking me at spot on times like this. We weren't even at 2k MMR..
Also, with the Lock Teleport stuff, I've kicked a couple of those without the use of an illegal program.
Ina recent arena match we played against an arms warrior and a holy pally. The arms warrior regularly casted sequences of three or four spell reflects inside of 10 secs, including the mutli reflect spell. I dont know how this is possible? I didnt land a single fear or CB on him or his partner for the full duration, they were always reflected. I use spell alerter so usually just cancelled the cast when I saw his spell reflect casted miodway thru my cast, does that requeue his spell reflect? I assume that once he has cast spell reflect it should go on CD? It doesnt help that playing from australia with !@#$ty bigpond our latency is never less than 300. On the positive side he did crappy burst DPS and the game ended in a timed out draw.

Thought i'd leave this here. 1:48. :)
Ignore these idiots. Report him.

Thought i'd leave this here. 1:48. :)

Thanks was interesting to watch, do you think it is a hack? Could it be researcher bias, that does happen a lot where we are much more likely to see something we are expecting to see?

Btw, what arena addons are they using that shows the cast bar seperately and also the enemy name plates are so large? I noticed the gladius frame on the right of the screen but how do they also seperate the enemy nameplates on screen like in the video?
they kicked my 0.2 mass dispel, they gotta be hacking bro.
they do exist but it could also have been good game sense. i.e. knowing when you were going to cast, by stopping suddenly
faced some tsg where the dk and the warrior both kicked 'bot' and admitted to it in-game

we were all 2400+ players, so no it wasn't for being ' bad ' lol

opened a ticket and nothing happend

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