What should I be looking for in a guild?

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OK, so I joined a guild when I was lvl 2, then yesterday the leader sold the guild, and we went back down to lvl 11, now we are 25 again. My question is, what are some aspects of a good guild? At lvl 27, I don't expect any big guilds to take me, but at the same time, should I just be happy that I'm in a guild that is lvl 25. As a newer player, what makes a good guild? For what it's worth I'm on a pvp server bleeding hollow, and apparently the alliance are outmanned.
Depends on what your looking for. I hop between 25 guilds mostly. When I level cap I want my own so putting down roots isn't that important to me. I want the perks but I also want it to be social. A quiet guild is incredibly boring for me. Ive also left guilds because it seems like no one wants to help any one else. My alliance side guild is like one big family. I know the gm and her bf personally so that helps but I made a lot of new friends through them as well.
Well, what do you want?

Some guilds are all about being social, because some people like social guilds. Some guilds are just there to give you perks in the background. Some guilds are there to let cutting-edge players congregate. It all depends.

Note that, unless you're a jerkwad, simply having you as a member benefits the guild in some ways. You're not likely to get into a cutting-edge guild unless you prove yourself, but you're allowed to shop around. How much of a social/supportive role do you want to take?

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