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Well hello Earthen Ring! My name is Hyvel, and I come from another server with my best friend. We recently garnered enough funds to transfer a set of boas to another realm, and I was allowed to pick the destination. I've been craving a RP realm so badly, and although WRA and MG were the usual go-to mentions, a good friend of mine recommended Earthen Ring. She was quite persuasive!

I've done my fair bit of raiding (heroic and normal) but nowadays I find it a bit bland and often crave roleplaying. However, my home server is PVE, and RP is practically null (although I did tend to create some myself which provided humorous situations, haha). I hope to relax, have fun and (hopefully!) engage in RP activities here! I've heard good things about the ER folks.

My friend who came with me will be posting next... her name is Florah, and although she isn't much for RP, she is a great fellow (sometimes, buahaha).

It is nice to meet you all!

Welcome, enjoy your stay.
Welcome and enjoy your stay! We have a pretty active role play community, especially Alliance side. If you'd like to check it out, go to www.earthenring.net
Thanks for the welcome, guys! And thanks for that link, I'm sure Hyvel will check it out asap <3
Thanks also, and I'm quite pleased with how there is a separate site dedicated to just the rp here! I'll be sure to sign up later tonight or tomorrow.

I have wondrously diabolical plans for this fellow.
Welcome to Earthen Ring, like Snakewrithe said, check out the network, Its basically the RP hub. Do it now!

Welcome to Earthen Ring. Join us ingame and on our player-run network. Also, there are no drugs - there are still lots of apothecaries, though. Huh.

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