Bug or intended: Multi-turns stopping at miss

Pet Battles
As the title says, I've been noticing that pets who use multiple attacks (Quills, Flurry, Thrash), even when going first, stop their round if the first swipe/hit misses.
Infuriating bug.

I believe it's related to the fix that proc's can't happen if the first hit misses. Ie. you can't miss sleeping gas then put the pet to sleep anyways.
i noticed that today with mech pets batter attack which is 1-2 attacks and 1 more if faster.

if the first of the 2-3 possible attacks is dodged, it's done. this is new with 5.2 and not sure if it's intended or a bug. 2nd and 3rd attacks never initiate

prior to 5.2 on a batter attack before you would seen something like this:

1 dodge
2 198 dmg
3 miss

or you would see other combos, but you would see 2-3 attacks
This is really annoying given that one of the main uses of multihits (and what makes them sometimes worth the risk of getting shut down by shell shield, sandstorm, etc.) is the fact that it's almost impossible to miss every hit outside of defensive CDs.

Some attacks probably legitimately should work this way -- obviously rake and frog kiss and similar stuff with special effects on hit, but maybe also gnaw, comeback, conflagrate and other "conditional extra damage" moves (actually a conditional 2nd hit, which is significant for things like shell shield and lightning storm).

But IMO the 1-3 hit moves and the 1-2, +1 if faster moves should always get all their swings, even if some of them miss. They're not *that* powerful anyway.

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