[H] Udder Perfection LFM 11/14 SoO 10man

Hello there! We are a small, tight knit group of adults (although we usually don't act like it) looking for some exceptional players to join us in our adventure through current raid content. We've had some people quit due to real life recently and are looking for solid people able to bring an A+ game with emphasis on hard work and performance. We were 2/13 H in 10 man ToT and a few of us have raided together since back in WoTLK/Cata.

We raid Tuesdays 8-11 P.M. EST and Thursdays 7-11:00 P.M. EST

Due to only two days of raiding, we expect you to show up on time, ready to roll. We will provide flasks, elixirs, repairs, and everything else.

What are we looking for?

Exceptional raiders are always considered.

At the moment, our immediate needs are below:
1 Tank non Paladin, Guardian preferred
Possible Ranged DPS non Hunter/Ele Shaman

We are willing to accept people of lower gear but maximize enchants/reforging/gems as everything extra helps.

What do we offer? We are LGBT friendly, tight knit group who like to have fun but get !@#$ done. We're not looking to be world first, or second, but we do play hard and expect you to know your class and to maximize your roll. Also be willing to be critiqued but overall don't be brain dead and die to mechanics constantly. Be flexible and willing to research your roles, your abilities, and maximize your class on encounters as well as researching encounters beforehand. We are looking to push normal modes as well as heroics, so we just need a few more solid people to accomplish this.

PST in game to me, Khoh, Zathien, or Rowaren for details.
Bump! We need a Mage!
Bumpies. Could use another dependable and solid healer, Disc Priest or H Paladin. Help a bench out. Maegera dies next try.
Free bump, Swiftshift and Silenced still around? I'm an old dishwashing friend :P
Swift quit for RL, Silenced is still around. How's Harry Potter Loos?
<-- Alamoo
Bump for Ji-Kun down
We need a seasoned Boomkin, Spriest or Mage. We also need a seasoned Paladin or Priest healer. Send an in game mail if you want a trial to Khoh, Zathien or Rowaren if they are not on and you are interested. We are fun peeps who know how to play their toons very well. A lot of us have been playing since Vanilla. We are behind due to having to pug people weekly, or else we would have cleared reg modes by now. We are currently as mentioned 6/12. Don't be shy, hit us up.
Hey there all. If you are still looking for a mage, I'm your guy. Your raid schedule fits perfectly with my schedule and needs. I'm currently 510 I level, know my class inside and out, and have extensive raid experience.

About me: Been raiding as a mage since late BC when I started, fire mostly with a smattering of Arcane mixed in when it was god mode mid Wrath. Cleared most Heroic content in both Wrath and Cata (when it was relevent, not an xpac later for titles and such). Started MOP with my guild on Dalaran sever, cleared normal modes and had just begun H content when the guild fell apart. I moved to Zuljin to start over basically. Joined Relentless Onslaught as part of their second group, which fell apart before it even got off the ground. I prefer 10 man raiding as you need to put up or shut up because you can't hide weak players in 10 man like you can 25. I have tons of alts across 4 realms, and am familiar with just about every class and spec in the game. My main alt is a resto shammy currently on Zul'jin as well.

I'm currently specced fire, but I did that just to test out whether I currently have enough crit to make it viable (I don't yet, sadly), so I intend to continue raiding frost until I can hit that 40% crit threshold and go back to fire. If you guys still need to fill spots for tonight, I can audition/trial with you guys tonight. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll try and get in touch with one of you when I get on after work.

Good healers wr r u.
Bump for starting modes of hardness.
That's also what she said.
Bump for great bunch of guys to raid with. Keep up the good work!
We give free punch and pie.*

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