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When people ask your gearscore are they looking for your Average Item Level?

Also, mine says 12, however, my gear goes from level 15-20 so I'm not sure where the 12 comes from. Unless its counting my level 1 guild tabard.
Tabards and shirts do NOT count towards ilvl, however, empty slots of other types are considered to have an ilvl of 0, so those really bring it down.
Your helm necklace, second ring and both trink slots are empty. The trinks will start to appear in 5-10 levels you should start seeing helms, and rings currently.

Gearscore is an outdated add on that gave a "score" based on your equipment. 99% of people use your average item level instead.
You have both an equipped and regular ilvl. You should use the equipped ilvl as your score, as your regular one will count what is in your banks and bags.

Example I have an equipped item level of 466 but a total item level of 467.

If I may add something else... your gear, it needs work. All that Agility, and Strength are wasted on a Resto Shammy. You should be going for Intellect and Spirit as your primary stats and crit, haste, and after level 80 mastery as your secondaries (this is no particular order) Hit is also wasted when healing since heals don't miss. I understand that itemization is far from perfect at lower levels so just do your best to try to replace those pieces.

Finally I wouldn't worry about your item level until you get to end of Wrath/beginning of Cata level content before that as long as you are taking quest rewards and dungeon drops appropriately you have nothing to worry about. As you progress you won't be able to do certain content until you have a high enough item level :)
Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I've just been taking items based on armor value for the most part. Now that I'm in my 30's I'm doing more dungeons and healing so I'll be paying more attention to the stats as you suggested.
Unless you're a tank you should pretty much ignore armor values. And even then tanks focus on other stats more then that.

Item level really isn't something to even think about until max level.

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