WTT Flying Stone + 2 others for Landro's XT

Pet Battles
I currently have a Flying Battle-Stone I'm willing to trade along with any 2 other Battle-Stones I have for a Landro's Lil' XT. The other stones I have available are:

4x Dragonkin
1x Critter
4x Undead
1x Aquatic
2x Humanoid
1x Magic

Send me a BattleTag request if interested: SmallPaul84#1866
I got my Lichling through this thread, but now I need to acquire a Landro's Lil' XT, so I'm changing the offer and bumping this. If interested, send me a BTag request: SmallPaul84@1866
Specific stones are on average valued about 1k each (possibly a bit higher for flying/beast/critter, but not by a crazy amount). The pet you want usually starts at 10k. You're going to have to make your offer more attractive to attract a different kind of traffic other than me.
Thank you for your completely unnecessary and extremely subjective opinion, Seventizz. Unfortunately for your credibility, I've been trading stones for TCG commons at a rate of 2 to 3:1 (depending on family type) for a number of months now.

In the future, you may want to keep in mind that the values on your server DO NOT reflect the values on other servers. I'd hate to see you embarrass yourself again. Even if your market advice does prove to be sound (lol), I don't need/want it in my trade thread.
I don't need/want it in my trade thread.

The ole 'get out of my thread cause I have every right to rip people off in peace' argument never works.

And might I remind you that you are talking to a plethora of servers here - not just yours or mine. And yes, I do have an idea what prices are (in general) because I buy and sell on at least 4 unrelated servers.
Well, if you bothered to look at my collection or main trade thread, you would see that I've been trading long enough to know what values to put on stones and pets. But I realize that sort of thing doesn't matter to people like you...you know, the kind of people who troll others in trade chat if they don't like the price someone has set on an item and then justifies it by accusing the person of trying to rip people off.

I understand this is a difficult concept for people like you to grasp, but logic dictates that the value of an item is based SOLELY on what someone is willing to pay for it. This especially holds true in this particular case. Just because you value stones at 1k per and a Landro's Lil' XT at 10k< does not mean that's the case throughout all other servers. Personally, I value most stones at roughly 2.5k and Flying/Beast stones at around 5k and that's the value that I use to determine if a trade is worth it TO ME. I don't expect everyone to hold those same values and I certainly don't take it upon myself to be the Pet Value Police and harass those who think otherwise. There's enough people (like you) who do that already.

While I appreciate you keeping my thread bumped for me, I would appreciate it more if you'd stick to whining on your own server. Keep it off these forums.
Please both of you take a step back and seriously consider that you are both arguing over the worth of a $2.50 - 5$ tcg card.

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