Just reactivated and now I'm conflicted.

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I just revived my account after being stuck in Army AIT for what felt like an eternity. I used a scroll of resurrection and now have an 85 Lock on Zul'jin. After playing him for a while I didn't feel very drawn to the class. (I don't really feel like I'm part of the action when I just stand back and cast).

So I have this guy, an 85 Pally, and an 85 Druid on Azjol and I'm going to transfer/faction change one of them to Zul'jin. Problem is, I have no clue which to pick and I'm not about to pay for all 3. I've looked at all the classes and their changes since Cata and they all still seem appealing. I wanted to try a little of everything like I did in Cata, Healing, DPS, and Tanking, in both PVE and PVP settings. (Obviously I can't heal on my DK, but that doesn't sway me from him.

I loved healing on my pally in Wrath but Cata ruined it for me so I made my druid. I enjoyed tanking on my pally and Prot seems as good as ever, I wasn't to keen on Ret in Cata and it seems to have taken a hit.

I liked Balance on my druid and felt more "in the fight" than my Lock (idk why). I loved healing on my druid too but had a lot of mana trouble in heroics during Cata (not sure if that changed in MoP) I never tried feral though =/.

I loved being DPS on my DK but wasn't the best tank, although I did enjoy it when I was doing well.

As for PVP, I didn't do a whole lot on my pally because it felt slow to me and I sucked. I liked it for both Balance and Resto, I tried feral while leveling but felt like I was betraying my Rogue >_<. And I enjoyed PVP on my DK no matter the spec (although I didn't do much, kinda just tested it out). PVP is the only time I like to stand back and cast on my Lock; just because if anyone gets to me I usually can't peel them and get beaten into the ground.

As you can see, I'm probably just being stupid and indecisive, but I'm still looking for some input that might sway me one way or another though obviously I haven't given a whole lot to go by.
Pally healing hasn't changed too much from cata to mop so if you didn't like it in cata chances are you probably won't like it in mop. You didn't say exactly what ruined it for you though so if you give me a bit more to go on, I can answer that question more fully.

Ret is better IMO in mop. It feels more fluid, holy power generation is smooth and ret pallies have some nice burst. In pvp you are still vulnerable to being kited so that hasn't changed too much although you have access to some gap closers in the first talent tier.

I can't speak for prot as I don't tank.

I haven't done much on my druid this expansion so I can't really comment on that nor on DKs. Hopefully some of the regulars will pipe up with their views on those.
03/24/2013 05:56 AMPosted by Sarakatawen
You didn't say exactly what ruined it for you

I guess saying that it ruined it for me wasn't really the right way to put it. I just didn't like a lot of the changes they made in Cata. It was incredibly tough for me to heal heroics at the beginning as I had to relearn and rethink how I healed. I suppose it was more of a L2P issue and I didn't really want to devote time to it. So I stopped healing. Because I was lazy....
Well regular and Heroic dungeons are IMO easier to heal this xpac. There are less insta kill mechanics. People that are looking for tough content can do Challenge modes. The big thing is you have to manage your mana as mana pools are fixed now.

Scenarios also offer a quick and smooth way to get gear VP and JP :)
Cata heroics were tough on everyone at the beginning so you weren't alone in that. Kagara is right that the mop heroics are not as demanding although they can have their moments when you are an undergeared healer (this applies to every class and spec).

One further thing to note about ret is that it is heavily gear dependant (moreso than other dps classes in my experience although my other dps classes are all casters so that could be a melee/range differential).

Have you thought about just playing each of your 3 characters for a little while to get an idea of how they are performing now? Try them out in a few BGs or dungeons. Play around with the specs. The difference between 85 and 90 is not so great that you shouldn't be able to work out which one is worth transferring over.
Just to add to my suggestion. There are vendors in Pandaria that sell cheap starter gear for level 85 characters so you don't have to worry about gear if you are playing around with different specs.

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