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Hello everyone. I am Fizzlefly, leadeer of the new Alliance Fellowship, an RP group made for parties, events, and much more, similar Burning Tusk Tribe, but for Alliance!

With the Horde in shambles, and the end of the war approaching, we must be grateful for what we have. Our great potential is key to our Alliance, and our celebration is vital to keeping us together!

We will have weekly events, such as our first initiation/meet and greet ceremony. When we are off the floor, we will have many things for our members, and many public events as well. Our first Noblegarden Festivities will start on April 1st, and end at the end of Noblegarden, April 8th. We hope to make Noblegarden more exciting than it already is with amazing RP parties, and we hope to see you there!


-Meet and Greet: On March 30th, we will be having our first Meet and Greet ceremony, where all members of the Alliance Fellowship will meet and greet each other, and many fun times will be had. Brew and food will be served, as well as non-alcoholic beverages. We will meet at the World's End Tavern at 6PM.

-Noblegarden Festivities: On April 1st all the way to April 8th, we will be throwing Noblegarden Parties at 6PM to 8PM. Parties will be located at the Stormwind Gazebo.




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