I want to start PvPing

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But what should I know to start doing it? I've got my hotkeys and I don't click or anything. But what should I know before I just jump into PvP and get obliterated. Also, any class specific tips for resto/boomkin druid would be incredibly appreciated.
Stick with a group, don't run off by yourself as in a BG that's tantamount to suicide.

As a healer (when you're resto) you will be the first to be targeted by the other team in a battle (if they take you out that means they can freely go after the others you're fighting alongside without them worrying about you healing them)

Keep an eye on the DPS that you're running around with, if they start to take damage, you're supposed to keep them healed (when running as a healer). Unlike in Dungeons where DPS are supposed to avoid damage (thus not need heals unless they did something really stupid, in which case it's their problem), in PvP the DPS are the ones doing much of the fighting and damage taking, they need the heals to keep doing their job.

As the healer (and even to some extent as a boomkin) you're also going to need to keep an eye out for buffs on the enemy team and curses on your own. Remove any and all undesirable effects that you possibly can as often as you can.

Don't fight in the middle of nowhere unless you're helping to chase down the enemy flag carrier or helping to protect your own flag carrier. In maps that involve capturing resources, locations, killing off the other team's NPC guards etc, all efforts should be focused on doing so. That means either going after your opponent's claimed locations/guards or protecting your own. NOT fighting in a random and out of the way spot on the map that's not near anything that you're supposed to be protecting/claiming.
Thank you.
Also you will die. A lot. And that's ok. Everyone does. It gets better :)
The most important thing about a BG is helping your team accomplish its objectives. I usually do great in Killing blows relative to deaths, as well as damage, but this is still not the point of a BG. I cannot emphasize this enough. There are many players there who simply wish to show off their "skill" by ignoring the points of the match and simply go off and kill enemy players. Stick with the group, DON'T fight in the middle of nowhere unless you absolutely need to defend yourself, and again remember to focus on those objectives :)

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