Trouble getting the hit/exp cap

Death Knight
I've done reforging and changing my gems out, but I still find myself hovering at around 9% for both hit and exp cap. Is anyone else having this problem? Any way to get a fast fix? I know my dps is suffering from it dramatically so I'd like to find a solution quickly.
nope no fix. blizz decided to itemize alot of the new gear with accuracy stats
You know you don't *have* to gem for hit...

Also your dps isn't suffering from having too much hit, it's suffering because you're missing a strength wrist enchant, a boot enchant, 2 tinkers, and missing a belt socket.
Also with the boots you can reforge out of that hit and ignore the hit socket bonus... You should be gemming for strength as opposed to straight haste and reforging to haste.
Yeah, I know I don't have those. I recieved that gear last night at 2am before I went to bed. Was too exhausted to deal with gemming and exchanting.
Just go to, he'll tell you exactly what to do.
You have a crit/hit gem in your helm to start

Your shoulder gem should be 320 haste
Same goes for your hands

You can put a haste gem in every slot on your belt and ignore the bonus as 320 haste > 160 + 120

If it comes down to it and there's nothing you can possibly do to drop more hit rating, there's nothing wrong with gemming haste/stam as it's better than useless hit. Only do that as a last resort though
Thanks for the help everyone! Hit and expertise is back down (not quite all the way, but significantly better) and dps has increased tenfold.

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