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I just simmed my character, and some other people i raid with to compare the dps for a patchwerk fight.
we have a 499 frost mage simming at 120k dps, rogue at 97k dps, warrior at 109k dps, and me chilling at a meager 83k dps.
Just wondering what the reason for these huge dps discrepancies. granted I have a pvp helm and am slightly over hit and expertise, however that cant be the sole cause of these differences.
these arent the dps's that we have been seeing in raids, but its troubling none the less.
Any insight?
I don't PVE so I have no idea, but a Hybrid class that can heal shouldn't be able to easily dps as high as a pure DPS class. Paladins shouldn't be at the bottom of the list though.
I don't PVE so I have no idea, but a Hybrid class that can heal shouldn't be able to easily dps as high as a pure DPS class. Paladins shouldn't be at the bottom of the list though.

That mentality is wrong--a hybrid tax is inherently unfair and Blizzard has already stated as much.

Talyron, did you look at stat weights when you did your sim? Also, it looks like you're over the hit cap and over the 7.5% expertise you want. I ran you through askmrrobot (which, yes, I know isn't the best, but it's a decent starting point--and even better when you input your own stat weights) and it looks like there is a LOT of room for optimization available. I would work on that first.
The modules for classes aren't all written the same.. a number of them go to extreme mechanical lengths in order to sim higher than they are realistically able to perform.

Even simming against people who are similar ilvl to you (if they even were similar), ilvl isn't a flat number.. you have a very low ilvl weapon compared to the rest of your gear which would make your dps seem low for your gear level. Missing two primary enchants is also a pretty significant loss as well.
I ran all of those sims today, and yes i know im over capped on those but at most i could gain a total of 3% hast/mastery from reforing which still does not add up to the amount of dps im missing in comparison.
A new weapon would help, maybe ill get the heroic starshatter on monday from heroic msv but even then thats not a 20-30k dps boost, at least i wouldnt expect it to be.
So, you are not going to quit, but definitely frustrated?

That is probably working as intended then.
Running a couple 1k iteration sims on you with default settings;

Straight off of armory: 90,063

Vague reforging, dancing steel and bracer enchant: 93,468 That is just guessing at reforging, just using simcraft code lines. I'm fairly sure it ended up slightly under hit cap and still over expertise cap, meaning there is even still room for improvement on that number. The 180 str bracer enchant is worth over 700 dps alone. Even 170 mastery is more than 200 dps.

Armory and changing weapon ID# from 86905 to 86386 (LFR to normal): 93,783. One change that may not even give you an ilvl on your character sheet (it's only a 13 ilvl jump and it takes slightly more than that) is nearly 4k dps.

Changing weapon ID# from 86905 to 86386 (LFR to normal), plus previous reforging: 96,671.

All that plus both gems in the axe: 99,123.

99,123, is what you should get from simcraft on a ret paladin with a generally matching ilvl gear set, properly gemmed, enchanted, and reforged.

So what kind of gear do the people you compared yourself to have?
one does not simply quit wow.
but im thinking of rerolling to be honest, my raid team needs a hunter anyhow. my 483 lock sims 1k lower than my paladin.
pretty damn sad if you ask me.
i hope this doenst seem like one of those "my class sucks QQ i quit threads" though
edit: spelling and !@#$
not sure how you got 90k off the armory as is, i just ran 3 more and am still at 83k as is
also heres the gear of the people im comparing myself too:
...Why are you even sweating theoretical DPS based on an encounter design that hasn't existed relevantly in about five years? And what're the numbers looking like in a proper raid?

To critique: your haste seems really low, you only have one set bonus, and you're over-capped on hit and expertise and still forging into them. We've had some really good set bonuses this expansion, and even post-5.2 4pT14 is a strong DPS increase. While you may not gain much by trying to fix your hit and expertise, you're not gaining anything wasting them as-is when they could be more beneficial things like mastery, haste, or crit.
also heres the gear of the people im comparing myself too:

Not to put too fine a point on this... but all three of those people are better geared than you, and have their toons set up properly and completely.

The only one that has gear that's even really comparable to yours is the warrior, and warriors are one of the modules in simcraft that the people who maintain that module do things in the sim to basically trick more dps out of it.

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