The Nameless Legion (RP-PvP Ravenholdt)

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The Nameless Legion is a militant enclave that, although made up exclusively of the races of the Alliance, acts autonomously of any single Kingdom or Faction. Our goal is to arrange a dedicated and highly skilled fighting force able to respond to any threat and accomplish any objective set before them in order to become the most successful military force in Azeroth.

We have only four ranks. Squires, Legionnaires, Officers, and The High Commander.
Our day to day operations include:
- Raiding Horde cities, towns, and settlements.
- Aid the newer and less skilled through rigorous training, education, and experience through combat.
- Providing support for any Alliance group or organization in battle ie;
~ Capturing important buildings, towns, zones, and aiding in defense and sieges
~ Hunting well known enemies of The Alliance or personal enemies
~ Eliminating Horde presence in certain areas

Code of Honor:
• Article 0 – The Nameless Legion is our Fatherland, our family, and our home. We answer to no one kingdom or nation we serve the Alliance as a whole through our service to the Legion
• Art. 1 – We hold no noble titles and claim no lands. A legionnaire rules only himself and defends all lands and people of the Alliance.
• Art. 2 – Legionnaire, you are a volunteer serving The Alliance with honor and fidelity.
• Art. 3 – Each legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever their nationality, race, religion, or gender might be. You show them the same close solidarity that links the members of the same family.
• Art. 4 – Respect for traditions, devotion to our leaders, discipline and comradeship are our strengths, courage and loyalty our virtues.
• Art. 5 – Proud of our status as Legionnaires, we display this in our always impeccable uniforms, our always dignified but modest behavior, and our valor on the field of battle.
• Art. 6 – An elite soldier, we train rigorously, we maintain our arms and armors as our most precious possessions, and we take constant care of our physical form.
• Art. 7 – The mission is sacred, we carry it out until the end and, if necessary in the field, at the risk of our lives.
• Art. 8 – In combat, we act without passion and without hate, we respect defeated enemies, and we never abandon our dead or wounded.

The Black Banner of The Nameless Legion:
The Nameless Legion has no heraldic symbol to emphasize its sworn duty to be removed from politics of one faction or another but, simply, to defend the lands and peoples of the Alliance as a whole. Thus we use solid black on our banners and tabards, which symbolize the erasure of any allegiance to faction, race, or religion. The use of solid black specifically denotes the rejection of heraldry and is therefore not a "symbol" in and of itself, but the absence of a symbol.

We accept those from all allied races, genders, faiths, and castes. When you join The Nameless Legion, be you hero or villain, you lay down all former deeds or misdeeds in pursuit of a greater purpose. To enlist contact any Legionnaire or Officer.

I shall be looking to join :< When I decide who i want to take to Ravenholdt for this...

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