[H] Casually Serious 1/12HM LF Elem Shammie

We are an adult raiding guild on Horde side of the Hyjal PVE realm in the US. Our has guild raided together for going on 3 years. We started on the Suramar server under the name The Dark Exile. Hyjal is one of the top US Horde PVE Servers so we moved right before the release of MoP.

Our aim is to build up a sustained drama-free guild, a home for friendly and mature people who are busy with work and real life commitments but want to enjoy the end-game contents in dedicated, collaborative and progressive manner.
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids heroic content on a casual raiding schedule.

** Completed Glory of the Icecrown Raider and downed Halion pre-Cata.
** Finished tier 11 as the #2 horde guild on the Suramar server and completed 5/12 Heroics.
** Completed 6/7HM for tier 12 along with Glory of the Firelands Raider.
** Completed 8/8HM for tier 13 along with Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider.
We were the #1 10 man Horde guild on Suramar before we transferred to Hyjal.
** Completed 10/16HM for tier 14

** Currently we are 1/12HM for tier 15 and the #1 casual progression raiding guild on the server**

We are looking for 1 extraordinary Elemental Shaman with a resto offspec (resto will only be needed on rare occurences)

Your dps should be competitive with the rest of the team. Our dps breakdown per boss in current tier is (these are the numbers you need to be able to bring to the table for consideration):
Jin'Rohk: 135-155k
Horridon: 140-155k
Council: 125-135k
Tortos: 125-140k
Meg: 95-105k
Ji'Kun: 90-100k
Durumu: 90k
Primordius: 105-115k
Iron Qon: 85-90k
This is for our team that raids on Thursday nights from 4pm-10pm PST.

We are only accepting applications from QUALITY players. We are looking for people that are mature, have good attendance and put time into their characters. By time I mean you like to fully research your class and encounters + spend the time outside of raiding to gear up and max out reputations etc. This is not a carry team and everyone is expected to contribute and pull their own weight.

All of our core raiders have 5+ years of experience on wow. Additionally we have players that have been gaming in serious MMO's since Everquest 1.

If accepted you will begin raiding with us immediately.

Guild perks include free raid foods and guild covered repairs.

If you feel you might be a good fit for our guild you can visit us online and apply: http://www.thedarkexile.guildomatic.com

If you have any questions or would like to chat you can email me directly TheDarkExileCreel@Hotmail.com . We may also be conducting a vent interview so make sure you have a working mic.
Bumped, solid raiding core and great environment.
I'm looking to be carried
updated needs
lets go
This spot won't stay open forever - our raiders tend to stay with the team for quite a long time - Hunters get your apps in while you can
updated needs
morning Hyjal

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