I want your opinion on MM hunters for arena.

I was just curious how you guys feel about MM hunters and their ability to do burst, sustained damage, survivability and CC for arena? Where I am at it doesn't look great compared to most classes with debuffs that cant be dispelled.
I love playing my MM hunter
Well, so far in 5.2 i have not done any 3's but I did do some 2s and actually did pretty great. Here is a vid for all that are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gaknczhkUc
MM is fun but it just isn't as easy/forgiving/damaging/useful as BM. I really wish it was, takes so much more skill than letting your pet solo something and popping all cds whenever, the BM out of stuns needs to go.
MM is very unforgiving. One missed CC or even LOS kills us so hard, and its not exactly easy to keep mobile in 3's anymore. It would be nice for once to have as many peels, or even CD's to use on other players let alone some decent healing. Sure I can RoS or MC someone and help them out but if i do, it can put me in the hot seat for a short while. Also having our Slow linked to our only form of real CC. Sure siliencing shot helps but it can only really be used against healers to prevent heals because if you don't most times that leaves healers wide open to heal. MM. The skill cap for MM is very high and I feel I play amazing as a hunter... yet at the same time if I rolled another classes (especially warrior or DK) I'd have such an easy time at my skill level.
The problem with MM(my fav spec, btw) is that it just doesn't have the tools that most other classes(and even other hunter specs) offer.

BM basically gets everything MM has and more.

takes so much more skill than letting your pet solo something and popping all cds whenever

Please stop spreading lies. No pet ever will solo any player without 5-10 mins of uninterrupted dps time on an afk toon. Auto attack and claw/bite don't do nearly as much damage as 99% of ppl think.

Why don't you claim that warlock dot's solo people because that is basically what a hunters pet is, a player controlled DoT.

What i find funny is that people complain so much about BM pets when they can be so easily controlled. I wish i could cast concussive shot on a warlock's dot's and remove 60% of their damage. Maybe you would be fine with dropping a mage's dps by 60% anytime someone casts an aoe root, snare, slow, or CC? There is a very good reason why BW still breaks pets out of all CC, without it any player with half a brain would be able to dominate a BM hunter on any occasion. I actually enjoy fighting other BM hunters b/c i know that i can spam scare beast into an ice trap and i just took away ~60% of my opponents damage.
mm is good but if you arent playing bm its like nerfing yourself
yeah ike he said mm is not a bad spec at all its very good, sadly bm gets everything mm has and then some so its just being overshadowed this expac by its counterpart.

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