498 spriest looking to xfer

Looking to raid casually and have some fun. 2 nights a week is preferred(pretty much any night)

28 years old and work FT. I work as a chef so being on a east coast server with old friends isn't ideal anymore

I have been playing since vanilla and have raiding experience back to MC

Hey Hipp! We're definitely looking for a talented shadow priest - let us know if you are interested. :)


Raid Nights - 2 nights/week (server time):
- Wednesday, 6:45-11pm PST
- Friday, 6:45-11pm PST

Website: http://haven-hyjal.wowstead.com/
Guild info recruit thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7708261050?page=1


We are looking for a few more to join our 25 man raid team. Times are Thu/Sun 8pm-11pm PDT.

Hit me up in game or check out our site at wolvesofwar.com
Minions Inc is currently actively recruiting for DPS classes.

We're 3/12 ToT, with full clears in ToES/HoF/MSV. Our current progression focus is in ToT, with the occasional heroic T14 boss as time & overall raider desire allows.

Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 6:00pm server to 9:30pm server for 25m, with an optional cleanup 10m on Sunday starting at 6:00pm. We're adults with families, jobs, and RL friends. Our guild mission is to progress in 2 days vs. the 4+ days other guilds have.

We do NOT recruit to bench.

Just as an overview, we've been around since 2004, have had the same GM since the game started, and most of us officers have been in the guild for at least 3+ years. Safe to say, we are a tight-knit group that is low on drama, high on the social aspect of WoW (we're also a very forum-centric guild), and srs bsns when it comes to raid time.

You can check us out at minionsinc.com. I'll give you an add on battlenet.

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