<Adversary> Recruiting HPally and DPS for ToT

We're looking for a Holy Paladin and a DPS (lock/DK/rogue) to complete our newly formed progression team (2/12) that raids Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11pm-2am EST. We currently have two other teams in ToT one is 3/12 and the other is 1/12, this is a great chance for you to start right in with a guild and dive right into progression. We have good players and expect to continue to clear content at a steady pace.

We are a social / raiding guild that has a very relaxed at home atmosphere. We do weekly events and have monthly contests and prizes, including mounts, wow time, and other goodies. We also have pug raids for alts and transmog gear. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in plz contact me in game.

sacrificeall#1969 battletag
We're still looking.
Check us out!
We are looking for a Tank for 11pm-2am Server time. Need a DK or Warrior for ToT!

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