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PSR is recruiting! We're looking to fill out a 10m raid group (need heals/dps) and hopefully get some RBGs going as well. We'll be raiding Friday and Saturday nights starting at five server and running for roughly 3 hours.

If you're easily offended, this may not be the guild for you. On the other hand, if you want to raid and pvp in a relaxed environment, hit us up.

Contact Vashanka, Neama, Geckomoriah, or Ateneir for more information or if you're interested in joining up.

"Peaceful skeleton realm goes hard" -2pac
Seems like a cool guild but your lack of capitalization in your guild names worries me.
DISCLAIMER: The lack of capitalization in our guild name is intended and not a poor reflection on our literacy.
We've got a cool tabard and Netherweave Bags.

Isn't that all the rage these days?
Still looking for some solid players!
Then stop smack talking them.
Great group of friendly players. :)
I think the lack of Capitalization is fitting. The guild name is not in your face and sounds "peaceful" even though they may not be peaceful at all.
+rep sillyhat
+rep katalinamoon

hup hup
Still hunting for a few more people! Should be throwing a raid together Friday night.
We did things to Jin'rokh.


Bump. Cuz these guys are pretty serious. I filled out an application, 7 pages, rejected.
The alt leveling never stops. It must never stop.
I never knew that getting 5 Iron Buckles was so difficult.
3 bosses out of whatever in ToT. I don't even know how many bosses it has. 12?

Join us so we can stop throwing gear at PUGs!
Dudes, we're up to smacking around Iron Qon now.

I was once the baddest of the bad but PSR showed me the way to glory.

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