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Greetings and welcome to Warcraft! As a new player you may have seen many acronyms and abbreviations, this short guide (using information from oflegends with full permission) should be helpful in your quest to understand what the heck people are saying :)

If anyone notices any missing from this list please let me know.

General Terms
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFK – Away From Keyboard
Asap - As soon as possible
ATM – At the Moment
BBS – Be Back Soon
Bio - Biological function break (Bathroom, etc.)
BS - Can mean either Blacksmith or Bull Poopie, depending on context
BRB – Be Right Back
BRT - Be right there
BTW – By The Way
BYO<?> – Buy/Bring Your Own <Insert letter for fourth phrase here, ex. Mats: BYOM>
D/C - Disconnected (from the game)
EULA - End User License Agreement, a legal document of most games
ERP – Erotic Role Play
FPS - First-Person Shooter (games), or Frames per Second (WoW) depending on context
FYI – For Your Information
FTL - For the Loss/Lose (meaning you dislike something)
FTW - For the Win (meaning you think something is awesome)
GG – Good Game
GJ – Good Job
GL - Good Luck
GTFO – Get the Flip Out/Off
GTG/G2G - Means either "good to go" or "got to go", depending on context
GZ - Grats
H/O – Hold on
IDC – I don’t care (IDRC can also be used for “I don’t really care”).
IDK – I don’t know.
IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
IMHO/IMCO – In My Honest/Humble Opinion/In My Considered Opinion
IMO – In My Opinion
IRL – In Real Life
JK - Just kidding!
LAWL - Laugh(ing) a Whole Lot
LMAO – Laughing My (rear end) Off
LMK – Let Me Know
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
Lul - A variation of "Lol", the letters don't individually stand for anything.
MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game
Newb – Newbie (A new person), not usually used to insult
Noob – A generally insulting term for someone who is disruptive/inattentive. (Some players think newb and noob mean the same thing, and refer to newbies as noobs.)
NP - No Problem
NPC – Non-player character (a computer-run person in the game)
NTY – No, Thank You
Nub – Non-useful body. Most players simply throw this term around.
Ofc – Of course
OIC – Oh, I See
OMG/zOMG - Oh my God/Gosh
OMGWTFBBQ - Expresses total shock or confusion to the point of the brain being reduced to barbecue.
OMW – On My Way
OP – Original Post(er) (forums), Overpowered (class, spell, etc)
Pls/Plz/Plox - Please
PvE – Player versus Environment
PvP – Player versus Player
Pwn – Typo of the word “own”, usually used when someone is overwhelmingly defeated. "Pawn/pown" is also sometimes typed.
ROFL – Rolling on Floor Laughing
RP – Role Play (Usually PvE)
RPPvP – Role Play Player versus Player
Srsly - Seriously
Sry/Soz - Sorry
TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read
TMI – Too Much Information
ToU - Terms of Use, a legal document of most games
Troll – Someone who intentionally provokes unfavorable reactions in others
TY – Thank You
w/e - Whatever
WB – Welcome Back
w00t! - Originally was a combination of the words "wow, loot!" But is now used just to express excitement.
WTF - See below abbreviation; replace "hell" with less desirable word
WTH – What/Who The Hell
WTV – Whatever
XD – A smiley face. Think of the biggest grin you can make.
Warcraft Terms
=/= – Does Not Equal. Used when dis-relating one point to another for the sake of argument.
Addon(s) – Feature(s) supported by WoW which some players choose to download.
AE - Area Effect, essentially the same thing as AoE
AH – Auction House
Aggro – Provoking a mob to attack you or someone else (pulling) Threat
Ally - Alliance
Alt – Any character who is not the person’s main (Alternative)
AoE – Area of Effect, as opposed to a single-target spell or ability
Baddie – Term used to insult someone, usually for no reason.
Battleground – any PvP instance
BC – Burning Crusade (1st WoW expansion)
BGs – Battlegrounds (Most are not frequently mentioned, so we won’t get into them here)
BiS – Best in Slot. The best item/enchant your character can use in a given slot.
BMAH - Black Market Auction House, located in Pandaria
BoA – Binds on Account (Actual term is BTA, or Binds To Account)
Body pull - Aggroing a mob by proximity, without using any abilities.
BoE – Binds on Equip. All “bound” gear is untradeable to other players.
BoP – Binds on Pickup
bot - Robot, or bot program that performs automated tasks for players. It is against the ToU and is a permanently bannable offense.
BoU – Binds on Use
Bump - A forum term which means the post is being "bumped" to the top of the page by making a comment. Usually against forum rules to simply say "bump" and nothing else.
Cata – Cataclysm, the 3rd expansion
CD - Cooldown. It means the wait time for casting a certain spell or ability again.
CRZ - Cross Realm Zones, a feature which blends one zone into another to make the world feel more "active".
Dailies – Refers to daily repeatable quests players do for reputation or money
DBM - Widely used addon that announces boss abilities, timers, etc.
DKP - Dragon Kill Points, a form of currency used by raiding guilds to determine who should get an item a boss drops.
DoT(s) – Damage over Time spells
DPS – Damage per Second (Often refers to a class whose role is damage)
Faceroll – Insinuates that something is easy.
FOTM - Flavor of the Month: A class or spec that is buffed beyond everyone else for a short time
FP – Flight Path
FPS – Frame(s) per Second (mouseover the computer icon on WoW to see yours)
Ganking – Attacking a player who has no chance of surviving or competitively fighting back
GB - Guild Bank. Can also mean Grim Batol depending on context
GCD - Global Cooldown. The one-second refresh period on most abilities.
Gearscore/GS – An addon which is an outdated version of item level.
GM – Game Master, a person who works for Blizzard (name is preceded by BLIZZ logo). Also can mean Guild Master.
Griefer - A player who goes out of their way to bother other players
GY - Graveyard
Heals/Healer – Keeps everyone alive during encounters
Heirloom – A special kind of BoA item that scales with player level
HoT(s) – Heal over Time spells
HP – Hitpoints, Health
HPS – Heals Per Second
IC - In Character, used by Roleplayers. On non-RP realms it usually means "I see".
Inc – Incoming (Often used in PvP)
iLvl – Item Level. Appears on gear as: “Item Level <number>”. Needs no addon.
ITT – In This Thread, used on forums.
Kite/Kiting – Staying out of melee range by running while attacking at a distance
L2P – Learn to play; meant to insult someone.
LF – Looking For (Usually followed up by someone with a certain profession: LF Tailor)
LFG – Looking for Group
LFD - Looking for Dungeon
LFM – Looking for More (players)
LFW - Looking For Work, used by people with maxed professions
Main – Refers to the person’s main character (if any)
Mob(s) – attackable object. Short from pen and paper days of mobile enemy
Mog - Transmogrification, the ability to change the appearance of your gear.
MoP - Mist of Pandaria, the fourth and most recent expansion
MS - Main Spec
MT – Mistell (Used when a player sent a message to the wrong person or channel)
Necro - (Forums) Refers to a long-dead thread which has been "resurrected" to the front page after someone posted in it
Nerf – Used to describe anything which has had its previous value(s) reduced (damage, difficulty, etc.)
Ninja - Most often someone who need rolls loot, wins, and immediately leaves or needs loot they cannot use, but could involve any number of "griefing" by stealing rare spawns, etc. Note that being a ninja is usually a jerk move but not actionable.
OBO – Or Best Offer, used when offering something for sale. (Ex. 2k OBO)
OOC - Out of Character, used almost only on Roleplaying realms.
OOM - Out of Mana
OS – OffSpec, the spec a person uses least (Opposite of Main or Primary Spec). Can sometimes mean Obsidian Sanctum, a raid.
Proc – Processed Random Occurence: Indicates an ability with a chance to occur, such as certain trinkets.
Progression - Involves playing top-tier content with a set goal in mind to achieve quick boss kills or specific achievements.
PST – Please send tell
Pulling – Aggroing.
QFE – Quoted for excellence (Used on forums)
QFT – Quoted for truth (Used on forums)
QQ – A term used to insult someone who is complaining, meant to look like teary eyes
RaF - Recruit-A-Friend, the Blizzard service or rewards that come with it
rBGs - Rated battlegrounds
Retired – Ex.: “My pally is retired.” The person no longer plays the toon, and does not ever plan to again.
RNG – Random Number Generated. Usually refers to specific boss loot.
Scrub – Another version of “noob”, used to describe inexperienced or poor players
Shelved – Ex.: “My priest is shelved.” The person no longer plays the toon, but might in the future.
Spamming - can either be a generic internet term for filling chat with repeated ads, or a filler ability that you repeatedly cast
Spec – Specialization. Refers to player talent trees.
Squishy – Means that something can’t take much damage or dies quickly.
Stats – Statistics. Refers to how much agility, stamina, spirit, intellect, etc is on a given object.
Tag - Marking a mob as yours by hitting it first, guaranteeing you the loot. Only required for non instanced or partied mobs. Also many new quest mobs do not require you tag them first to get quest credit
Tank – The person who makes mobs attack them instead of other group or raid members
Tell - A whisper to another character
Toon – Character
Twink – A player with the best gear in each slot for their level, usually with experience turned off
UI - User Interface, the place with all your settings
Vanilla – Refers to 1-60 WoW, before expansions (Also content that existed during this time)
WotLK – Wrath of the Lich King (2nd expansion)
WoD - Warlords of Draenor the 5th expansion due on November 13th 2014
WoW – World of Warcraft :)
WTB – Want to Buy
WTS – Want to Sell
WTT – Want to Trade
XP – Experience. Also called Exp.
Zerg – Used when referring to instances outgeared by the toon(s) in question, making everything easy to kill, and the instance easy to complete. Interchangeable with “faceroll”. Can also mean attacking something with many more people than are needed, or attacking something as fast as possible.


Boomkin/Boomy - Slang for Moonkin, which is the form for the Druid Balance spec also caled boomchickens and lazerchickens
DK – Death Knight
Drood – Druid. Some people prefer to use the term “drood”.
Lock – Warlock
Hpal - Holy Paladin
Pally/Pali – Paladin
Retadin - Retribution Paladin
Shammy – Shaman
Spriest - Shadow Priest
War – Warrior
Priest, Mage, Rogue, Monk, and Hunter are generally not abbreviated. Some people refer to Hunters as “Huntards,” a term used to insult. Some players also call Rogues "rouge", which means absolutely nothing game-wise and is usually a typo.


Alch – Alchemy
Arch – Archaeology
BS – Blacksmith (Blacksmithing)
Chanter – Enchanter (Enchanting)
Engy/Engie - Engineer
Herb – Herbalism
JC – Jewel cutter (Jewelcrafting)
Link – The player is asking someone to post their level of a given profession
LW – Leatherworking
Scribe – A person with the Inscription skill, not an Inscriptionist, or Inscriptionator
Maxed – A skill has reached its highest level possible.
Xmute – Transmute, used in Alchemy.
Other professions are not or are rarely abbreviated.

(A) for Alliance, (N) for Neutral, (H) for Horde

Darn – Darnassus (A)
Ex/Exo – The Exodar (A)
IF – Ironforge (A)
SW – Stormwind (A)
Dal – Dalaran (N), Sometimes paired with some version of "lag", such as "Lagaran"
Old Dal refers to Dalaran in Northrend (levels 68-80) New Dal to Dalaran above the Broken isles (levels 100-110)
Shatt – Shattrath City (N)
Shrine - Shrine of Two Moons (H), Shrine of Seven Stars (A), the respective faction areas in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Org – Orgrimmar (H)
SMC – Silvermoon City (H)
TB – Thunder Bluff (H) (TB can also refer to Tol Barad, an 85+ pvp zone)
UC – Undercity (H)


BL - Blasted Lands, not commonly used
DMF - Darkmoon Faire
EK - Eastern Kingdoms, the continent
EP - Eastern Plaguelands
HFP - Hellfire Penninsula
Kal - Kalimdor, the continent
NR - Northrend
STV - Stranglethorn Vale, can refer to either half of the zone. Most often used by people who played before Cata.
TB - Tol Barad, either the Penninsula or the pvp area
TH - Twilight Highlands, not used much anymore since the release of MoP
TN - Thousand Needles
WP - Western Plaguelands


6/7 - Or any combination of x/x: the number of bosses out of the total killed by a raid group
10m/25m – Refers to 10 man and 25 man raids, usually preceded by the raid’s abbreviation: ICC25
Add(s) – A term for additional mob(s) in aggro range of your primary target
Boss – A term for a mob with better loot than mobs preceeding it, but not necessarily harder to kill (unless raiding).
BRez – Battle Resurrection, a spell used by Death Knights, Druids, Warlocks via soulstone, Hunters with a quilen pet, Holy Paladins that have have had symbiosis used on them.
Buff – A spell/consumable which is beneficial when cast on self or others
CC – Crowd control (A spell used to bind, freeze, or otherwise render a mob incapable of attack)
CM - Challenge Mode. The hardest difficulty of 5 man dungeons. Timed, and awards a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal upon completing in a specific time limit.
CtA – Call to Arms, used in battlegrounds
Debuff – A spell which has a negative effect, usually cast by bosses
DF - Dungeon Finder
Dungeon – An instance requiring 5-person coordination
Flex - a difficulty between LFR and Normal allowing any number of people between 10 and 25
Fresh - Often used in conjunction with "run", meaning that an instance has no dead bosses, and all loot is available.
H - Heroic, usually paired with the name of the instance and the amount of players needed
HM - Hardmode, same thing as heroic, but usually is used to refer to Wrath raids
Hero/Lust/TW- These are calling for the Raid Cooldowns Heroism, Bloodlust, Timewarp, or Ancient Hysteria (depending on the class) Only applies to Shaman/Mages/Hunters
Instance – An area of the game in which you can only see those in your party/raid group
LFD - Looking for Dungeon
LoS – Line of Sight; When a player cannot heal or attack because the target is out of LoS
Mana - Same as OOM, someone is announcing they need to drink
MC - Mind Control, an ability used by priests and some mobs; a form of crowd control
OOM – Out of mana/low on mana (Usually said by healers)
Pat – Patrol (A mob or mobs that patrol in an instance)
Phasing - Became prevalent in Cata content - You cannot see players/mobs/nodes if you are past a certain quest, event, etc.
PuG – Pick-up Group. People found on the spot (in Trade usually) rather than friends or guild mates
r - Ready
Raid – An instance with harder bosses, requiring more than the usual 5 players
Recount – An addon some people use to display damage output or heal output.
Rez – Resurrect, a spell used by DKs, Warlocks, Hunters with a quilen pet, any class with a healing tree, and anyone in a level 25 guild.
RF - Raid Finder
Run – Indicates players want to “run”, or do, a certain instance.
Scenario - Instanced content that typically has 3 players (there is at least one that is solo) and does not require the traditional tank/heal/DPS combo
Trash – Usually insignificant mobs between and before all raid/dungeon bosses
Wipe - When too many people are dead that you can't possibly kill the boss, or if everyone dies, it is a "wipe".
Y - Can mean why or yes, depending on context
Instances List

AQ - Ahn'Qiraj (with 10 or 20 after it depending on which instance is being referred to)
BFD - Blackfathom Deeps
BH - Baradin Hold
BoT - Bastion of Twilight, or sometimes literally bot, depending on context
BRC - Blackrock Caverns
BRD - Blackrock Depths
BRM - Blackrock Mountain
BRF - Blackrock Foundry
BT - Black Temple
BWD - Blackwing Descent
BWL - Blackwing Lair
CoC - Crucible of Carnage, a series of quests similar to a dungeon, but not in an instance
DM - Most often means Deadmines, but can also mean Dire Maul, especially when used with "E", "W", or "N" to denote direction.
DS - Dragon Soul
DT - Drak'tharon Keep
EoE - Eye of Eternity
FL - Firelands
Gate - Gate of the Setting Sun
GB - Grim Batol, can also mean Guild Bank depending on context
Gnomer - Gnomeregan
HFR - Hellfire Ramparts
HoF - Heart of Fear
HoL - Halls of Lightning
HoO - Halls of Origination
HoR - Halls of Reflection
HoS - Halls of Stone
HoT - Hour of Twilight, can mean the dungeon itself or all dungeons included with HoT patch. (Not to be confused with Heal over Time effect that this can also stand for)
HFC - Hellfire Citadel (The WoD raid not the collection of BC dungeons)
ICC - Icecrown Citadel
Kara - Karazhan
LBRS - Lower Blackrock Spire
Mag - Magtheridon's Lair
Mar/Mara - Maraudon
MC - Molten Core
MSV - Mogu'shan Vaults
MT - Magister's Terrace
Naxx - Naxxramas
Occ - The Oculus
Ony - Onyxia's Lair, sometimes just refers to Onyxia herself
OS - Obsidian Sanctum, can mean Offspec depending on context
RFC - Ragefire Chasm
RFD - Razorfen Downs
RFK - Razorfen Kraul
RS - Ruby Sanctum
SC - Stonecore
Scholo - Scholomance
SH - Sethekk Halls, can also mean Scarlet Halls
SM - Scarlet Monastery, can also sometimes mean Silvermoon
SFK - Shadowfang Keep
SoO - Siege of Orgrimmar
SSC - Serpentshrine Cavern
ST - Sunken Temple
Stocks - Stormwind Stockade
Strat - Stratholme
SWP - Sunwell Plateau
TK - Tempest Keep
ToC - Trial of the Crusader usually, can also mean Trial of the Champion
ToES - Terrace of Endless Spring
TotFW - Throne of the Four Winds
TotT - Throne of the Tides
ToT - Throne of Thunder
UBRS - Upper Blackrock Spire, the site of the famous Leeroy video
UK - Utgarde Keep
Uld - Usually refers to Ulduar, but sometimes can mean Uldaman
UP - Utgarde Pinnacle
VH - Violet Hold
VoA - Vault of Archavon
VC - Also can mean Deadmines refers to the old end boss Edwin Van Cleef
VP - Vortex Pinnacle
WC - Wailing Caverns
WoE - Well of Eternity
ZA - Zul'Aman
ZF - Zul'Farak
ZG - Zul'Gurub

Battlegrounds List

AB - Arathi Basin
AV - Alterac Valley
BET - Blood Elf Tower (Eye of the Storm)
DR - Draenei Ruins (Eye of the Storm)
Efc - Enemy Flag Carrier
EotS - Eye of the Storm
FC - Flag carrier
FR - Flag room
FRR - Fel Reaver Ruins (Eye of the Storm)
IoC - Isle of Conquest
LH - Lighthouse (Battle for Gilneas)
LM - Lumber mill (Arathi Basin)
Mid - The middle of the map, or somewhere in between bases
MT - Mage Tower (Eye of the Storm)
SW/Slags - Slagworks, a base in Tol Barad
SoTA - Strand of the Ancients
SSM - Silvershard Mines
ST - Stables (Arathi Basin)
TB - Tol Barad, a pvp area for level 85+. Can also mean the 85+ daily zone.
ToK - Temple of Kotmongu
TP - Twin Peaks
WG -Wintergrasp, a pvp area for level 80+
WSG - Warsong Gulch
WV - Warden's Vigil, a base in Tol Barad
WW - Water Works (Battle for Gilneas)
Other professions are not or are rarely abbreviated.

Fortunately for you, the typical Engy is used to being overlooked.
Fortunately for you, the typical Engy is used to being overlooked.

Will fix, and so true :P
Oh nevermind, you didn't miss it. I'm a derp.

Good thread!
Ninja / Ninja looting - a player-based term used by sore losers who lost a roll to another player also entitled to that loot.
Ninja is already there the last term in post 2 :) Though I can add a bit to it
Thank you for this. I've been struggling trying to figure out what ppl were talking about.

One question though: What's a derp?

Thanks in advance.
What's a derp?

a mistake OR someone who makes a lot of mistakes. It's not specific to WoW, it's a generic internet term.
Where are IBT and TP on the PvP/battleground abbreviations? :P And all the other towers and graveyards. Kind of kidding cause you may need a separate list for AV abbreviations.
What about GD for good duel? :P
I have been in and out of this game since '05 and have never once heard the term "simming" as in, "You should be simming your gear!"

is this a new term, or some kind of oversight on my part?

Thanks in advance!
Simming means going to a site such as and testing hypothetical bests for your gear, gems, enchants and talents.

You forgot QoL - Quality of Life :)
This is a great list - wish I'd found it earlier.

Is there a similar list for spells, abilities etc?
What's LFR? I keep seeing people on here talking about it. I can usually get some clue from context, but I'm completely blank on this one.

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