Anyone else having issues with Sacks today?

Pet Battles
My first alt was able to open her Sack of Pet Supplies like normal and received a stone. The next 3 I did Master Tamer dailies on can not open their Sacks of Pet Supplies.

Edit: Ok, I was able to fix my issue by completely exiting the game and then logging back in. A normal log off the character and back in was not good enough to fix the issue. I am still wondering if the glitch was triggered by the alt who was at 98 bandages and would have hit 100 with what was in her bag. Did not get to verify that as I had already dropped her under 98 bandages when it first happened thinking that might be the issue. In any case it was strange that it took a complete game restart to fix.
What does the amount of bandages have to do with anything? There isn't a limit or anything. My hunter has 220+ in her bags & still is able to get them.

Sounds like an addon issue to me, tbh.

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