tips on being a good paladin

plz do fast people are getting mad at me
Don't suck.
more speicfic
You be more specific.

Being a good Paladin how? What's the problem?
Anytime TV crits, in mumble/vent make a pewww sound so others know how damn amazing you are
You're a level 20 Ret, I guess? So, off the top of my head:

- Always use a slow (3.5-4.0) two-handed weapon.
- Stack strength. Avoid intellect and agility.
- Don't turn on Righteous Fury or use Reckoning while in a group.
- Stand behind enemies when possible.
- Follow the attack priority in the Ret guide ( ) as much as possible.

Anything else, you need to ask specific questions. Or read the guide.
don't play as you take shots of vodka each time you die to something.
Saw your thread in General; you want to learn how to heal dungeons, correct?
well, I've never healed, but first step would be to switch from Retribution to Holy spec at any paladin trainer.

Next, you'll want a rotation - a fellow Holy paladin can help you out with that.

Lastly, if new to computer games; google a Keybinding Guide.
okay then thanks
spam holy shock and run in a circle. healing is easy
couple of simple rules, I'll start from the most important:

1. Always, and i mean ALWAYS, keep your BoPs for the warriors in your raid when the boss is in execute range.

2. If you have to chose between dropping a LoH on that dieing fellow raid member and dropping a nice juicy T.V, ALWAYS drop the T.V. At the end of the day you are a Paladin and your foremost responsibility is to cleanse the evil out of Azeroth - every GCD matters for our holy purpose.
This thread has potential to bring out the awesomeness in people.
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1. Always, and i mean ALWAYS, keep your BoPs for the warriors in your raid when the boss is in execute range.

Take Inquisition and Word of Glory off your bars, you need those HPs for TV.

Bad advice from a bad troll; disregard.
The first thing to being a good paladin, is to make sure you read an entry in your libram every day, as it strengthens the bond between you and the Light.

Secondly, visit Uther's Grave every 2nd Tuesday of the month, doing this will make the Light smile upon you and will help you bolster power against the forces of the unholy.

Last...but not least, if you're wielding a two handed weapon, make sure to hold it with two hands, won't be able to swing it as efficiently.
If you are holy (which I see you are), stack intellect, stamina, and spirit. Use holy shock to generate holy power and word of glory to use it. Use your cast-time healing spells when needed to keep the party's health up.

When you are done with the dungeon and decide to continue questing, you have now screwed yourself because it will take forever to finish quests as holy. That is why I recommend retribution or protection for leveling. If you really want to heal, grab dual-spec at level 30 so that you have some ability to be awesome besides healing. The Light gave us these superb muscles and shiny attacks so that we can slay undead and demons. Healing is fine, but make sure you have that strength set for questing.
plz do fast people are getting mad at me

Can't tell if troll, or serious...
Stick it out, it gets better. Also, at lower levels, take criticism with a grain of salt. I had people in full heirlooms complaining that my DPS was low (I wasn't in any heirlooms.) Also it was level 20 and they didn't realize I had all of 3 attacks and they were killing everything before I could get a second hit in.

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