<25> The Clover Tide ~ Sircy Recruitment.

Hello everyone, and welcome. The Crimson Tide is proud to announce that we have opened up our second department, "The Clover Tide". As with expanding we are endowing our new department with very 'open' requirements. We are going to be completely PvP based, with absolutely zero PvE attention given. The Clover Tide <25> is going to be serving as a way of organizing players together to not only create a closer, positive social experience, yet to create and conduct PvP on Darkspear, as well as the main purpose of The Clover Tide, which is listed below. We are pretty laid back as well, and tend to joke around a TON.

The Clover Tide, among creating PvP, is going to be an extremely useful tool, and is in no way the previous version of the guild that some may consider it to be. It has been revamped and is now under heavy management. The Clover Tide is no longer just a way of training individuals to become better at PvP or move into The Crimson Tide, we are moving to establish something like that of a trade chat oriented community, (Minus the Thunderfury's). This means that many people will be able to recruit directly from guild and PvP with guildies instead of random trade. They will become used to other individuals and create all types of social activity. We are making an attempt to move the Darkspear Horde closer to something very great, and achieve what we wish, when we wish, through PvP: Thus creating a fun gaming experience.

With all of that said I'll add that those who join, wether they're below 1500 in arenas/RBGs or whether they are 1800+, will be led by players like me, as well as a collection of other skilled players to point people in the right direction, and walk them to the door. Many players have given into The Clover Tide directly from The Crimson Tide in order to guide, teach, and hopefully play with in high rated arenas or rated battlegrounds.

The Clover Tide is in no way just an alt guild, a 'lesser Crimson Tide', nor just some popularity project.

Reason (1): I can confidently say this is that I have put my alts which I have geared and will be playing.
Reason (2): is that many other players including anyone from our GM to our Veterans (many of them) are going to be helping players, and not just sitting back.

As a Warden of the guild not only do I take this seriously, but I'll personally help individuals as best I can. More specifically I will organize PvP wether it be World based or just in battlegrounds. I'll do all I can to tell players what they need to do if they wish to better their skill level, and if I do not know the answer we have plenty of very skilled, experienced players which will aid them and their questions.

Many of you know me as Sir Chilli, and that's who you're gonna get. This guild is a stepping stone to getting into high rated PvP teams and being successful.

Obviously we have a goal, to illustrate to the Horde, Alliance, and other servers of the PvP aspect and potential which we hold, confidently stating that we are a force to be taken seriously.

Once you join the guild you will be set to a rank, and it is up to you alone to take that oppurtunity to contact individuals in the guild, form groups, meet players, and start PvP. We will hold a rewards system for those who do, and those who create PvP will be noticed, you have my word.

I'm glad to say that already people form groups when we hve so little members, and PvP is getting started. Just the other day we raided the Alliance shrine and took at least 50+ KBs with a group of 14-18 at midnight. That may not seem like a large accomplishment, but those who see it that way don't usually accomplish much =D.

So in short, we are here, we are feared; Sir Chilli is here, you best need to fear.

~ Thanks to members from The Crimson Tide such as Bigdeezy, Iamtheshaft, Kilic, Bubbleqq, Dracks, Eliaegl, Rebar and many more for helping this effort to get some blood a flowing in an ever clogging system. This is for you Bull.

~ In no way is this a mininal effort, we consider this quite serious and will make this work.

PS: To all trolls / nay-sayers. <3 ~ Sircy. *And any troll attempts towards our guild are pointless.
This is 100% Official and has the full support of The Crimson Tide. And yes, this is a guild recruitment thread even if it only says (req.).
All i can say is... :)
I wouldn't say anything because you didn't really deserve to be in TCT.
Why isn't killic in this guild? He sure doesn't deserve to be in crimson he is terrible.

I wouldn't say anything because you didn't really deserve to be in TCT.

Again, still waiting for my skype call from one p-cute hunter. :)
I know I didn't but you know Eliaegl will invite anyone with a !@#$%^ he's that desperate.

Oh trolls, I attract my minions like no other DK.
I know I didn't but you know Eliaegl will invite anyone with a !@#$%^ he's that desperate.

I would think you're just desperate for attention.
You're stating the same "Facts" that you've repeatedly been posting on the forums since the beginning of time.
03/24/2013 10:19 PMPosted by Rudetitlah
You're stating the same "Facts" that you've repeatedly been posting on the forums since the beginning of time

Beginning of time? The computers were non existent in the beginning of time.

If you're going to troll that's fine, I don't care for it but stop doing it in our guild recruitment thread or I will directly contact the GMs, do this in other threads or skype, it's getting very excessive and compulsive. Cease, last warning.
I know I didn't but you know Eliaegl will invite anyone with a !@#$%^ he's that desperate.

I would think you're just desperate for attention.

and correct
Hey all!

We're really pleased with our recruitment efforts. We now have 4 RBG leaders who range from Low MMR to 2400 groups and across most days and times. We're still looking for more leaders and players!

Players who are defamatory, insulting and otherwise meany heads! *huff* will be added to the ignore / no-event list and won't be invited to take place in TCT events, or responded to on the forums. This also includes replies to quotes on the forum. For some, this isn't such a big deal, so fire away! Hell, it may be fun! ;)

Still, I feel it only fair to give you strikes so that if you didn't really mean it, you have the opportunity to stop.

Today, I'm issuing my first full ignore and first warning!
Fearmyburst: Perma-ban - Posting my personal information on the forums and defamatory language!

Bustt: Warning - Agreeing with Fearmyburst defamatory language through quoted post meme. (Ex: "^", "this", "agree")
Wub a rub dub. Clover Tide is growing in numbers, I enjoy dis.

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