[A] MW Monk Looking for RBG team.

Looking for a RBG team that doesn't require a guild invite and plays for more then Conquest Cap each week.

PvP History.
Vanilla: Grand Marshal Mage on Blackrock: Darcania.
BC: S1 1700 Double pally 2's, Season 2 and 3 2100 double pally 2s. S4 Double Pally 2s to 1800.
Wrath: S5 1700 Pally/Dk 2's (left before season end).
Cata: Played briefly as RMP in early cata to 2200 3's. (left before season end).

Full malv with 2pc's tyranical.

I'm available for play during Oceanic prime time (late night/early morning US) most weekdays, i am however not available on weekends.
Message me in game on either:
/w Ðarkovan-Blackrock:
/w Darianan-Blackrock:

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