ILvl491Paladin Healer+1 LF Progresssion Raid

My husband and I are looking to switch to a west coast server form Icecrown. Both of us are relaxed and drama free. He has several characters he could switch over. An ILvl480 Dk Frost/Blood, an ILvl480 Druid Moonchicken/Resto, and a Ilvl491 Warlock. We have raided together for many years in many different games. We believe in showing up to raids on time (10min prior to start), having flasks foods and potions all on hand and knowing the fight. We are both typically at the top of our respective meters(DPS/Heals) and stay up to date on information regarding our characters class and changes in game. We have top of the line PC's and high speed internet so no DC issues.
We would like to find an adult guild raiding weekdays/weekends 7-11ish

My current Stats (without raid buffs)
Int: 14705
Spirit: 9709
Spell Power: 21140
Haste: 13.47%
Mastery: 33.46%
Crit: 12.73%
Hey there! How soon are you looking to switch? We started our guild just recently after leaving the previous one to progress faster. We are currently 16/16 normal 1/16 ToT. We are still trying to fill core spots, and have about 8 dedicated so without having to PUG the other players, we will be able to steadily progress. If you are interested send me a tell.

We would be interested in you both. Raid times are Thu/Sun 8pm-11pm. Either of your husband's toons would be a good fit as well.

Hit me up in game, or check out our site @
We are going to switch as soon as we find a guild to raid with. No point in making the switch if we don't have a guild to run with. Do you have a guild site or anything set up yet? I couldn't find much when I looked online. Raid times and so forth...

Thanks a bunch. I checked out your site. It lined up really well with what we are looking for. Ill let my husband know and you might be hearing from us soon.
Hey hey there. I know I'm late to the convo, but Minions Inc is currently actively recruiting for a warlock and we would love a dedicated pally healer. Healer hybrid classes are always in vogue for us.

We're 3/12 ToT, with full clears in ToES/HoF/MSV. Our current progression focus is in ToT, with the occasional heroic T14 boss as time & overall raider desire allows.

Our raid times are Tues/Thurs 6:00pm server to 9:30pm server for 25m, with an optional cleanup 10m on Sunday starting at 6:00pm. We're adults with families, jobs, and RL friends. Our guild mission is to progress in 2 days vs. the 4+ days other guilds have.

We do NOT recruit to bench.

Just as an overview, we've been around since 2004, have had the same GM since the game started, and most of us officers have been in the guild for at least 3+ years. Safe to say, we are a tight-knit group that is low on drama, high on the social aspect of WoW (we're also a very forum-centric guild), and srs bsns when it comes to raid time.

You can check us out at If interested, my battletag is Dismarum#1904. Hope to hear from ya!

Though we appreciate the offer, the times you mentioned are a bit early for us. Our kids do extracurricular activities on both those days and 6pm is just a bit too early for us. We would not be able to reliably make it to the raids. Thank you very much for the awesome offer. Happy recruiting!

I'll be off and on tonight. Feel free to add me. Looking forward to chatting with you two!

No prob, and thanks for the reply. Good luck finding a home!
Catalyst is looking for a couple of people that are either two healers or a healer and a tank.

Raid times would be 8-11 Pacific Tues/Wed, 10 man.

If you're still looking contact blondie#1366.
Hello Xiist,

Send me a message in-game, Chaos#1154, if you're still looking.

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