Sir Chillerace

Viva Lord Chilly!

Lord Chillerace...Does this mean I'm not just a Sir anymore?...
No chilly you suck.
No chilly you suck.

Sir Chilly, is no longer Sir Chilly... Sir Chilly is now Lord Chilly, All Hail Lord Chilly!

Chillerace 2013!
My first day on this server. It was a fun one.

Much more active than Stonemaul.
I heard people like to comment on their alts =| but i'd do that too if i was scared lmao...
Chillerace gets carries I heard.

Fearmyburst doesn't get carries.
03/24/2013 10:22 PMPosted by Rudetitlah
Fearmyburst doesn't get carries.


Lol, here is someone who is posting a lvl 1 for some odd reason (Effort)* and you're quite deluded or creating illusions about skype conversations and all that. I'm never going to be like you because I'm going to get a job and do things in life that you'll never be able to do. And I still trash you on forums kid. *My level, you cannot, and will not reach it. ~ 'Career ender'
Lol, Look... We all understand that Lord Chilly is nasty. In Fact, he's McNasty with a side of a large drink.... but to the point is... I am really bored right now, and you're all really bad. lmfao now talk about how bad i am in arena pl0x :)?
#1 Worst warlock, don't you ever forget it.
Chillerace gets carries I heard.

Do you have a hard-on for Chillerace? Did he dump you or break your heart?

I only ask this cause you seem to troll every post or thread he is in.

IMO I would stop it makes you look very desperate and bitter.
she must make alot of money on a corner
Why does he have Colossus enchant as a rogue? I'm confuzzled
Ha, see folks, lvl 1s who stalk Sir Chillerace get perma banned, hense my new title is in order.

GM ~ Chillerace.


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