<Top Shelf> 25m 12/12 Recruiting for Heroics

<Top Shelf> of Sargeras is recruiting for 25 heroic progression. Although spots are nearly full, players with exceptional raid skills are encouraged to apply.

About Us
Top Shelf is a 25-man Alliance PvE progression raiding guild on Sargeras. We have a very relaxed atmosphere comprised of ex-top 100 players dating back to vanilla. We want players that have excellent raid awareness and will go above and beyond for the sake of progression. We joke around, we swear and might be offensive to some people, but hey it's a game and raiding has gotta be fun.

We are strictly looking for players with a minimum item level of 505. As a whole our guild is mainly focused on progression. We love to raid. After raid times or on off nights people often transmog, PvP or clear tier 14 content.

Our raiders are very close with one another. We can talk some s*** to each other and know it's all in good fun. We don't take things personal. However, we are serious during boss encounters.

T14 - 9/16h
T15 - 12/12

Raid Schedule

Tuesday - 8:00PM-12:00AM CST
Wednesday - 8:00PM-12:00AM CST
Thursday - 8:00PM-12:00AM CST

Recruitment Needs
Paladin - CLOSED
Warrior - 1 Fury War w/ exceptional dps and raid awareness
Death Knight - DPS
Shaman - Resto/Elemental/Enh
Hunter - 1 Spot
Monk - Windwalker
Druid - Kitten / Boomkin / Tree
Rogue - CLOSED
Priest - High Quality Holy or Disc
Warlock - 1 Spot

Bold signifies high demand. We will also be considering any exceptional applicants.

Expectations and Other Notes:

- You are expected to have your gear fully and appropriately gemmed and enchanted for raiding.

- Addons must be on and properly working. BigWigs is mandatory
You must also be online in Mumble and in the appropriate channel

- Consumables appropriate for your class are mandatory. This includes at least a stack of 300 food for every raid (steamed crab, etc) for progression fights.

- Prepotting and potting during encounters is necessary and should be done every pull unless stated.

Use and sign up for raids on the guild website.

Want To Join?
Apply: TopShelfSargeras.com or add me via battletag
Contact: Soopie (Strues#1177) Thirtyseven, Darksiderz
Hey im loking into possibly applying i find myself in need of a new home .any room for a main raiding spot for me. if there is potential i will certainly post an app.
Most definitely. Fill out an app if I dont get in touch with you via game first.
4/12 - 4 night raid week - thats some intense raiding
Bumpity bump 6/12
Looks like we should be higher
heroics are starting Tuesday!
Lets bump this.

Thanks Digerati and Flash :D

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