Warlocks in da cities.

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So my friend was playing on Scarlet Crusade, and she invited me to her guild. Me, being the 'good guy' in my last few characters, decides to go raptors and roll a warlock. I mean, hey, it ain't that bad? I've got the story and everything worked out, well sort of. How are warlocks generally treated in cities? I read about them being all mistrusted and stuff, but to what degree? Captured and beaten up, or ignored and spat on? And if so, how should a warlock disguise himself so that others may not notice they have a demon-magic practicer in their midst?

Oh mighty and powerful warlocks, gimme a tip! :3
Most warlocks aren't really open about what they do. They don't have demons follow them around and stuff that gives them away so easily.
In the Alliance, warlocks are generally hated by the public, so most of them disguise their art as simple arcane magic. You would probably do best to use fire spells around others if you ever have to use magic.
Varian has Warlocks fighting in his army in Tides Of War, so they can't be that looked down upon.
For both factions, warlocks are both hated and feared for their assumed ties to the burning legion. If you were openly a warlock in public, you would expect to get ran out of cities/beaten/killed(assuming you're an average warlock and can be killed).

The only real "trust" they get is on the battlefield where tacticians know of their potential and the "freak out factor" in their presence. With friends think about it as (and I of course mean no offense to anyone) coming out of the closet for the first time. You wouldn't do it with people you've just befriended, on the risk of both losing those friends and having the situation spiral out of control.

I would continue to advise you on how to keep it hidden, but I feel it would just be making me sound more and more bigoted with each word so, I'll leave it to your discretion.
If the people of the Alliance know of your "Warlockery", they'll either respect your immense power, or hate you and view you as an evil monster.

It is almost always the latter.
I despise those warlocks that feel that they can openly walk or run through cities with their little imps or the big blue demons while they shop and dine. They should have their lifeforce snuffed the first time it occurs.

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