Corrupted ret paladin xmog set

I've been looking for quite some time trying to make a 'corrupted paladin' xmog set, something similar to possibly the T3 warrior set, but more obtainable than that set... If anyone had any sets in mind that would look similar I'm open to all ideas
ICC has many "Dark Themed" Plate pieces, might want to start your search there.
Try to match the DK T8 set. Is my next project.
I went with something like this. Not quite sure if it's what you're looking for though.
Most of Nax is easily soloable if you're after t7 recolor.
Get the mogit addon. You can search gear through color, should help you find some dark green corruption type stuff. I have a set saved that's green fel fire looking, but never got it because it requires Firelands + raids.

A good thing about the addon is that if a piece you like is from a quest, the tooltip checks the server and tells you if you have completed the quest yet. I thought that was awesome. Helped me find a weapon for my blood red set by pointing to a quest in netherstorm I never did.
you could always try out the set I went with : )
Yo - Incomplete but it does the job!
Dalaran sells some JP boots and gloves that are dark with skulls on them. Iconsidered this look before. HOpe it works out for you
Maybe something like this?
The set I use is from Ulduar 25m, sword's from Naxx.
The set I use is from Ulduar 25m, sword's from Naxx.

Yep, that's what I'm aiming for next.. but with a bright weapon to sell the Holy/Shadow mix. that I think of it.. kind of makes me think of Cecil from FF4/Dissidia.
There is a black recolor for T4, its the BC PvP set.

Very pretty.

On the left.
I've been playing around with these.

DK version
Get honor/conquest points. Buy my set.
Try this one. It is from the ICC 5 mans.
Maybe something like this?

Thanks, just found my next mog set.
helm really brings out the dark side ;)
The t2 judgement recolour. It's got the 'holy' shape and theme of judgement but in purple and grey to give off 'evil'. Absolutely perfect, it may take farming though (just drops off BC dungeons).
I was going for the same thing, what do you think?

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