Corrupted ret paladin xmog set

Mine is head off of illidan, shoulders from sunwell, rest is from ulduar 10.

The normal deathwing sword looks frickin awesome with this too.
the only thing i don't like about this set is the green bit on the shoulders, but i can barely notice in game.
There was some paladin who posted a "Rate the transmog above you" or something thread many, many months ago. They had a dark green set with Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps and it was the most badass transmog I have ever or probably will ever see, props to them. Female human. Anyway, it was very dark-paladinesque and if annnnnyyyyone would be able to point me to resources where I could try to piece together a set like that, OP would probably appreciate it and I would probably sell you my body.
Nax 10 here
Naxx 25 man boss drop set. Get that red noob DK look going.
just play a DK god
I went with a "shadow paladin" look. found a nice sword and shield to match
The t2 judgement recolour. It's got the 'holy' shape and theme of judgement but in purple and grey to give off 'evil'. Absolutely perfect, it may take farming though (just drops off BC dungeons).

hi =]
just play a DK god
Something like this might be really cool:

Basically a T8 deathknight recolor. Either that sword or the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare would work.
When paladins turn from the Light, it is my duty to vanquish them. Keep that in mind, Paladin.
Something like this ? Darker than black.
why you dont try to wear the brand new set Tyranical Gladiator?
I went with a "shadow paladin" look. found a nice sword and shield to match

nice set, is all of it still available?
Yo dawg, I heard you liked Corrupted Paladins.
Any DK gear works.
This is my version of Corrupted Paladin, pretty right? :)

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