Leveling as a Protection Paladin?

So, I'm thinking of starting a Paladin as a secondary character, and I was thinking of making him Protection with Holy as an offspec (or vice versa, depending on which I end up actually playing), and being I'm really enjoying leveling as a Brewmaster on my Monk, I was wondering if Protection was a spec to effectively level as?

Prot paladins tanking instances are ungodly powerful, even with pretty crappy gear, for a great many levels.

Your queues are instant, you can entirely carry groups, and with not much more effort you can walk out to instances and just solo them.
Ah, okay, good to know, completely forgot about dungeon leveling.

Though, has anyone tried Questing as a Protadin? I enjoy the AoE mechanics on my Monk and survivability, so I figure it would be a good fit. Though I didn't know if they're rather handicapped outside of encounters.
Vengeance is something that really makes or breaks tanking specs. You can quest as a prot paladin, and even fairly well, but it's not the same as doing it as dps. Tanks just are very good at rounding up fairly big groups of mobs and letting that huge vengeance stack knock them down.

And with a paladin tank, seal of insight scales from that vengeance.. the more you have, the more you self heal, the more glyph of battle healer heals your group, the bigger your sacred shield or selfless healer get.
Prot questing is great at low levels, but gets worse and worse as you get near the endgame. It's pretty much entirely dependent on rounding up large groups of mobs, moreso than the other tanks due to Prot's low base damage and high Vengeance scaling. I've tried it a few times at 90, and to me Ret is sooooo much better at questing.
Alright, thanks for the input, guys! Really appreciate it!

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