Seraph's 2nd 25m LFM Late-Night/Alts Welcome!

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Hey guys!

So as some of you may know, we here at Seraph have a reputation as one of the most complete and fun late-night gaming community on the server. When it's raid night for our raid team, we have an average of 40-55 players online and kicking bosses is our main drive! On a sunday afternoon, there will usually be 10-15 players online on mumble doing various random things. From HM raids, to dungeons, pvp, CMs, arenas, transmog runs, other games, we do it all!!!

Where am I going with this?

*Plan B* is currently in need of a few more players.
We are looking for players who want to be part of Seraph's community. This team is designed to be a raiding experience for players, friends and family who cannot commit to an exhausting raiding schedule, but still have the desire to see and experience the content in an environment where the people in the guild are able to help you get better at what you do!

Alts Policy;
We here at Seraph have a ton of people who raid in multiple guilds, multiple groups and can easily enjoy the Late-night raiding we offer while raiding at some other time elsewhere. The only thing we ask is that if you are to be accepted in this group on an alt/secondary character, we will treat it as if it was your main, will evaluate you as if it was your main, and expect you to treat it the same way. no Half-assed applications, no attendance issues without notice, etc, just like you would for your main raid. This is to ensure a degree of quality in these runs.

(Started ToT April 17th)
Killed 9/12 in ToT 25m.

Plan B recruitment needs;

Druid – All specs – High
Paladin – All specs – High (Holy Pallies!??!?!?)
Monk – All specs – High
Shaman – Dps – Medium
DK – Dps – Medium
Warrior – Dps – Medium
Priest – Dps – Medium
hunter – mage – lock – rogue //// medium (all specs)

As always, considering all and any class/spec, those are just our direct needs.

We anticipate this second raiding team to be analogous in progression with our main raid team in the future. This team will become a stand-alone group once 5.4 rolls around.

Our current Intents with this group is to progress through Throne of Thunder at a decent pace in a 25 man format. We encourage players with a good raiding background but less time to play to apply for this team.

(Main 25 man raid team is currently 12/12 NM - 6/13 HM in Throne of Thunder 25m)

What we are looking for:
We are looking for players that want to raid and experience the current content and are skilled at playing their respective class. While prospective players are not expected to have the best gear the current content has to offer, they still should be fully enchanted, gemmed, and spec’d. We also expect our trials to have a good attitude and attendance (with some leniency).

Plan B Raid Times:

Tuesday: 11:00pm-2:00am CST / 12:00am-3am East / 9:00pm-12:00am PST
Wednesday: 11:00pm-2:00am CST / 12:00am-3am East / 9:00pm-12:00am PST

Plan B Loot System:
Blind DKP bidding system.

A few things we expect you to do while being a Plan B raider;

-Download Mumble and ideally have a headset for raids.
-Have your own consumables for raids (Flasks, Potions, Food)
Seraph is currently providing Feasts for this team, A donation/DKP system will be put in place soon to help provide the best feasts/flasks for the team.
-Be fully gemmed, enchanted and specced to the best of your knowledge. We will help you be ready for raiding if needed, but we are not looking to carry slackers, we want this team to become a standalone 25m.
-be registered on our forums, where most information regarding this team is going to be passed on to members!

Loot is merely a by-product of boss kills and a tool to achieve more progression, not the goal.

We suggest you take a look at Seraph's Website, and read about us in the *About* and *Recruitment* sections. you can then make an account on our forums and go from there to be a part of Plan B raiding team!

If you have any questions about this, Please contact us in-game!

Wubwubs(Wubsie) / Reckoner(Kubricks) / Psyclopse(Psyclopz)
Berelyte(Bereshock) / Frostsbane(Frostwhisper) / Nnamdi / Trohe

oh and we have enough warlocks to fill 20 raid teams.
494 Arms Warrior Looking for a good Raiding Guild. I have raided On many toons over the Years
From Healing on my Priest and Paly
To tanking on My DK and Paly
and Playing On my Mage and Most of 5.1
Evert toon i play i learn to the best of my ability as well as learing every aspect of the fight


(Paly Priest and Dk) are on a seperate account) i can jump on other account if u need Proof

Just Looking for a Good Raiding Guild To have fun with in 5.2 and hopefully Beyond
Pst me In game or on my BattleTag Runè#1357 (e is alt 138)

Warrior Has a 477 Tank Set At the moment

(Please Post only about warrior Not interested In playing on my Priest mage or Dk This Patch)
Hey Bone! we'd like to have you aboard. Head over to our forums, fill in a really quick app (it goes really fast, standard stuff really) and we'll get you in on a trial run! see you soon!!
looking for more!
Yeahhhhh Plan B! Damn we're sexy!

Come have fun, kill internet dragons and laugh with the rest of us late-nighters!
^don't listen to this goblin, he doesnt know what sexy means, Cowelle where u at?!?
had 2-3 great pickups this weekend so far! potentially looking to add 1-2 solid DPS and potentially a healer.. hit us up!!!

Looking forward to knocking down and gearing up you lowbie ilvl members this week and then kicking !@# in ToT!

Glad to see so many fresh new faces!!!!!
I will be there with bells or something on.
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Lighto is out
I will be there with bells or something on.

Ohhh snap! Bells
A little help =)
yay Plan B

Clearing normals now! with too many warlocks!
here it goess.

This is my bump! There are many like it, but this one is mine!!
ZEEEEE BUMPAGE! For all the sexy warlocks everywhere!
banditos ! banditos!

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