Seraph's 2nd 25m LFM Late-Night/Alts Welcome!

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Lok'tar Ogar!
For the Darkspear!
id like to join yet im from different server you say yes i transfer :P
get in touch with us! Reckoner in-game
full clear toes then Hof up to amber shaper, ran out of time. one shot almost everything! great night of raiding!!
Still on the lookout to add some depth to our dps roster, as well as one healer of the Priest class and possibly an extra monk healer.
got some possible healer pickups coming soon! more deeps!!!
Full clear t14, lf a few more!
up we gooooooo
I'd be very interested in talking with you. My partner and I play feral druids (both 508+), and we're really looking for a solid guild to raid 25s long-term with. If Plan B is a regular thing, it might be a foot in the door to more serious raiding with you guys.

If you think you can fit us in regularly, and you're interested in us, please let me know! My battletag is Faeylin#1905.

You can check my logs here:

This is our Horridon kill last night; Leyshi, my partner, is playing bear:
Hey Faeylin!

I just saw your other thread (

To be fair, you guys look like 2 really amazing pick-ups. What I am worried about, is you mention that pushing cutting-edge content and heroic progression are a must. this is NOT the mindset we have with PLAN B right now, and this group will get into tot eventually, but not today.

I figure your plan is to kind of use Plan B as a stepping stone to get into the main group, in all honesty, I can't personally promise you that, I am not the GM, or even an officer for the main group for that matter, but the person responsible for Plan B along with others, and I would hate to get your hopes up about possibly getting the both of you into the Main group via Plan B. The base intent for this group, at its core, was to provide an alternative raiding experience to some of our Friends/Family/Retired raiders who couldn't commit to a full 3 nights a week raiding schedule.

If you still want to chat,

I'll add your battle tag.
Rounding up 2-3 more. we're going back into T14 wednesday 11 server!!!

Would really love some melee, as well as 1-2 ranged DPS and still potentially a healer.

Get in touch!!
Bump for my man Reckoner
awwwwwwww yeah
looking good =)
^thanks Handsome guy!

Updated needs!!! group is really shaped up at this point, not long before ToT, get in before the rapetrain is in action!
Another full clear toes/hof in 3 hours. Getting the easy loot before we're ready to move full-time into ToT soon. When we do, no looking back!!!

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