Seraph's 2nd 25m LFM Late-Night/Alts Welcome!

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Tauren bump
gogo LF 2-3 more Dps...
I will say I'm very happy with the energy level of our new PlanB team. They have been hard at work getting their members geared up and ready for ToT. interested players please contact Reckoner or Wubs for more information.
maybe 1-2-3 more good deeps!
ToT next reset
Ive added you to real ID Reckoner
awww yea
tot wednesday||||
Hi, just came back to WoW after taking a break from raiding in December. 509 Fury warrior 10/16H T14. No experience yet in ToT but I've looked up all the fights for normal.

Add me Kindevu#1853 if you still need a fury warrior.
We do. to app for formality, but I def want you here tomorrow @ 11st. get familiar with 3, possibly 4 bosses! Reckoner#1967 i cant add you for some reason
uppp we go
up we go!
on the lookout for a hpal, fury warr, boomkin, elemental, frost dk

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