Monk DW haste question.

I was wondering if someone could help me out with some haste questions that I had. I am currently at almost 9k haste and im wondering if this is to much haste and should I go into something else such as crit or mastery? Is there a decent soft cap that anyone knows about? I have tried to look at as much as I could find but I cant get an answer. Thank you for your time.
The incredibly simple answer is that you have too much haste when you can't comfortably spend your energy. Which is to say that if you find yourself frequently energy capping (or chi capping), you're probably losing DPS and better off reinvesting some of your stat allocation.
I find that 6k haste is usually enough for me, enough that I don't energy cap and not too little that I can't jab when I need to. I'd probably go for more Crit/Mastery and drop down some haste. If you ever do find yourself unable to jab or slowing down just pop Energy Brew and you'll be back in swing in no time, rinse repeat.

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