strong trap...still not fixed imo

Pet Battles
4, 5 misses in a row? at "25% extra chance to work with each use" ?? i may not be a math major, but shouldnt 100% and 125% chances to
Cannot tell if you are adding in the first miss or not to your numbers. The maximum times you can miss is five, because the first miss does not have a percentage added to it.

Attempt One 0%
Attempt Two 25%
Attempt Three 50%
Attempt Four 75%
Attempt Five 100%

Attempt Six = Success

Now granted it would be nice if you could never get to 5 attempts and miss, but on the rarest occasion it may happen.
That's not how the math works; there's old threads about this.

Say you start with a 20% chance to capture, and you miss. You gain an extra 25% of your original capture chance and wind up with 25% chance to capture next time, not 45%.

Say your first chance was 40% (0.4), your next chance is 25% more (0.25) or .4 x 1.25 = 0.5 (50%). Next is .5 x 1.25 = .625 (62.5%), etc.

You don't add the %, you multiply.
By the above rationale, there is a small chance to never catch the pet because the chance would never reach 100%.

Upon reading the wowhead forum posts I see that my math skills, while right in a general sense, do not matter in this instance, and the above posters are more accurate.

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