LF LvL 70 Twink Guild

Two friends and I are looking to twink out some characters here on Thrall to just mess around in some Arena. We currently have some lvl 70 twinks on other servers but are choosing to make some new ones on this one. All 3 of us are lvling up priests to 70 this week. I already have another 70 warlock on this server but don't really play it much.

So if there are any 70 twink guilds around we would like to join for PvP and even running BT/Sunwell groups and so on let use know in-game or on here. Our names are Ivysàur ( me ) , Wàrtortle and Chàrmeleon are the 2 other friends.

Caliber is the only 70 guild on thrall. We have a solid core of hardcore pvpers and we raid weekly. Mail me in game if you're interested
Are guys still active at all cause i trying find good server transfer to
Same here do you guys still Raid?

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