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Can someone help me out with Multiboxing im new to it. I don't want to go into PvP with it Because I know the rules I just want some Fast Leveling I would Like to know some addons and the things that they do and maybe even a guide on how to set it up really good? I plan on Leveling 2 Boomkin Druids side by side either by questing or duegeons I want something that will autoaccept quests when i share it with him and for it to turn in maybe when ever close say within target range it auto turns it in if possible. For it To follow me all the time unless the path is broken. Please Help! :D

Is the best resource I know of for multiboxing as I do not do it myself :)
I "multiboxed" plenty of characters doing Recruit-a-Friend with myself back in Wrath and Cata and I never had to use any addons or anything like that. I'm pretty sure any addon that automatically accepted a quest without a button press would not be allowed. Just so you know, it is perfectly legal to multibox in arenas and technically could still be done in BGs but you can't auto-follow anymore.
In my opinion, the best addon intended specifically for multi-boxing is Jamba.

I also found that having a quest-helper addon installed was handy. These can, for example, suggest which quest reward each character should pick when handing in a quest. Anything that deals with minutiae by itself and lets you focus on the big picture is helpful.

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