[H] The Bomb Dot Com still wants you, maybe?

Look, we've been over this once before:


We're still awful, we're still awesome, we're still not suitable for children, we're still a cure your cancer.*

Thing is, we still need more people. I hear you asking "How, Nosib, because your last post moved me to tears!?" Well, it's because you, yes, you specifically "Mr./Ms. Great Taste in Forum Posts", didn't join.

So let me cut to the chase and make you an offer. We raid WedThursSun @ 8p for about 3 or so hours.** If you can commit to coming on those days at that time, I will make a spot for you. I will bench someone who is flaky on those times to give you a shot - you listen and learn to play smart and you can keep it.

You've never raided before? This is your shot.
Been out of the game for awhile? Here's your chance pal.
Your current guild doesn't promise you a spot? I am offering you what they won't.

Interested? Talk to: Freddyboyy, Mafic, Nosib (hey, that's me!), or anyone wearing <The Bomb Dot Com>. Generic Guildsite you ask? thebomb.enjin.com (turn your sound down first, you've been warned).

I will also still accept smoke signals.

*None of these statements were evaluated by the FDA or common sense. If you have cancer, maybe go see a doctor, not a Druid (no, no, I understand, they both start with the letter "D", you got confused).

** We went over this in my last post, so if you join, I'm going to go ahead an need you to pay better attention, thanks.

*** Just to make sure you don't get the wrong impression: we understand that RL things happen. All we're saying is when you don't come, you're wasting 9 other people's freetime, so don't do it or have a good reason.

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