8 years and no Australian servers

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What servers does Valve have in Australia?


DOTA 2 Australian servers go live in just a few weeks

DOTA 2′s Australian servers are just a few weeks away, Valve’s Milton Ngan, a likely sympathetic New Zealand-born staffer, revealed on the MOBA’s developer forum. The equipment for Valve’s Sydney data centre has “just arrived”, apparently, and should be racked and configured by January 2013. No more extra-continental ping on local matches; it is a fever dream come to life in glorious technicolour.
I suppose it's no use asking cause Blizzard won't care what so ever.
But cmon. SWTOR AND LoL has them now but still no Aussie servers? Just guess you guys just don't care about us.

Don't care about us ... something of an understatement there. Sure they care about us ... that's why we get shunted off to bed at 8pm tonight ... and have a thought for the poor buggers in WA ... 6pm for them ... yeah they care about us alright ... the money keeps rolling in no matter what they do ...
lol, one of these threads again.

Could have sworn I saw the same thread 8 years ago...

Stop trying, it's not going to happen.. wasting your energy, go do something fun.
03/24/2013 08:30 PMPosted by Wafflebeater
Those servers are located in the US, in California, with ping times of up to 300 ms, they are labelled Oceanic to do with timezones not actuial physical location.

Here you are proving my point again. There isn't enough incentive to give physical servers to any players in the oceanic regions. Why?


Hahaha just saw this post.

Here's some super fly logic for you bra, If the Oceanic labelled servers are constantly high/full with queue times during expansions and major patch cycles, are you saying the servers would magically die and lose their players once they physically move to the Oceanic region?

So BASICALLY you're saying:

"The servers are full now, but people have 400 ping... if we give them 30 ping, the servers will die out"

Why is it that in NZ we don't seem to have any server ping issues?? I consistantly have lower ping than my Aussie mates....
It's because you're geographicly a lot closer to the servers in the US than Australia is. Whenever I visit home in the coromandel I get around 140ms, here in perth however it's around 240ms
I can see why Perth would have higher latencies, but I know of people in Sydney complaining of the same issue.
The Southern Cross cable was designed to offer Australia more Bandwidth, maybe its just a matter of total traffic?

Either way, although it doesn't seem to affect me. Definately believe it is needed for my Aussie Guildies, especially the odd few in WA and NT who always seem to have it worse off.
An onshore server would ensure players who, with new advances in graphics and processing are seeking ever faster and faster server reactions would stay with the game and not move elsewhere or just give-up in frustration (an occurance I have seen myself)
03/24/2013 08:06 AMPosted by Northernlite
Blizz tried and it did not work out. Now the game seems to be in decline, I bet it will not happen. If only the reforms of the government controlled internet had happened sooner...

Actually its not you realize wow has 9.6 million subs. At its peak it had 10.2 . wow is actually still growing at a steady pace. If you remove the spikes in the growth its been a steady climb from the beginning till now.

Swtor is planning on shutting down all the Aussie servers and only keeping the US ones open. The problem with your internet is the way it connects to the rest of the world. Most of oceanic and most of Asia have a direct connection to Singapore. Austria's main connections for undersea cables is the USA. Yes there are some others but a majority connects to California. The most logical choice for oceanic servers would be with the other Asian servers in Singapore. But here is the problem . For most people in Austria the signal would go to the USA then back to Singapore.

It disturbs me somewhat that you refer to Australia several times as Austria.... Australia is Gods own country and is located south of the equator, while Austria is a small nation in the middle of Europe...
Except for very recently when the cable was cut and a few budget ISP's saving money, pretty much all AUS -> SING traffic goes out via Perth, not via SCC through the USA first.

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