WTS the Alani mount (CHEAP) and other stuff!

I let my account run out of game time for a while since I completely lost interest in 5.2. I'm liking 5.3 since I have access to 516 gear (up to 524) and all I have to do is dungeons and scenarios, so now I get to avoid the raid scene completely. In any case, my services will be getting an overhaul. Prices are being slashed left and right and most items will no longer be sold in bulk. In the next month, I'm most likely going to be getting a second job which is going to cut my WoW time down significantly, if not, completely. I will continue to keep this thread up to date as long as I am playing, so your continued feedbacks are always appreciated!

Alani Kills

I have just sold my most recent Alani kill at the price of 25,000 gold. All future kills will be sold at that price, 25k. I have already received multiple whispers for people wanting to buy at this price, so I will hold a waiting list. As I fill the order, I will contact you and let you know I'm ready to sell.

When you trade me the gold, we group, find alani, tag her, and you loot the mount. Masterlooter will be set and you will be the ML. I already have the mount, so I don't care to steal it from you.

Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent is the mount in question. Please note you must have cloud serpent flying as well as exalted status with the august celestials.

Interested buyers should reply here or simply send a me a PM in game.

Current Wait List

Experience Soaking
Prices have been cut by 33% since exp requirements for all MoP levels have been reduced by 33%. For the sake of even numbers, I will round down.

If you are level 80-89 and would like a faster way to get to 90, hit me up. I farm mobs regularly that you can soak the experience from as a way of getting to 90. There will be no account sharing and you will be expected to stay on your character. You can AFK, but you cannot log out. My rates and times are as follows:
  • level 80-85; 45 minutes; 1,500 gold per level
  • level 85-86; 90 minutes; 3,300gold
  • level 86-87; 90 minutes; 3,300 gold
  • level 87-88; 105 minutes; 6,600 gold
  • level 88-89; 105 minutes; 6,600 gold
  • level 89-90; 120 minutes; 6,600 gold
  • I charge by the level, not time. The time is just to give you an idea of how fast it is. Gold will be payed in advance. You can either choose to pay each level individually or all together for whichever levels you want.

    Rested experience is a factor. If you have 100% rested EXP, the cost of the level is cut in half. If you have something more oddball, say 30% rested experience, I will do the math and figure the correct price for you.

    I do NOT accept money. I will never accept money. I only charge gold.

    Golden Lotus

    I am now selling golden lotus in bulk as well. I won't reserve these to 1 single person as I do my other bulk items simply because of how many I can move around.

    If you want me to supply you with golden lotus, let me know and I will fill the order. No order is too big and I will work as quickly as possible to fill said order.

    The price of My lotus will be 50g each. Any interested parties should let me know in a reply here or through an in-game mail with your order size.

    Bulk Items

    I've seen people in the past looking for suppliers for different mats, so this is a shout-out to any of them to see if they need a guy like me. If you want me to be your supplier, anytime I get the items that you want, I'll ship them to you and you alone.

    There is no obligation. There is no contract. If I become your supplier, I CoD to you everything you want until you say you don't want it anymore, and then I find a new buyer.

    I have the following items available for bulk sales:

    Windwool Cloth Reserved, currently being sold at 30g a stack
    Exotic Leather Reserved, currently being sold at 50g per stack
    Ghost Iron Ore Reserved, currently being sold at 50g a stack
    White Trillium Ore Reserved, currently being sold at 100g per stack
    Black Trillium Ore Reserved, currently being sold at 100g per stack

    Ghost Iron Lockbox

    I am currently buying any and all Ghost Iron Lockbox for 50g each. Instead of messing with them yourself, trying to find a rogue or BS or ENG, figuring a tip, and wondering how much is actually inside, simply CoD it to me. I take out all the variables, and give you the constant, 45g every single time.
    Just out of curiosity, how many have you sold?
    This will be my 19th sell
    Alms! Alms for the poor!

    *Sings* Feed the little birds, toppins a bag. Toppins, toppins, toppins a bag....

    hahahaha. Sorry couldn't resist!
    Alms! Alms for the poor!

    *Sings* Feed the little birds, toppins a bag. Toppins, toppins, toppins a bag....

    hahahaha. Sorry couldn't resist!

    Someone has to get Topper McNabb off the streets!
    I'm not Topper Mc-nobody...

    I'm Orcy Poppins...hahahahaha

    Just get some sucker out of /1 to help summon and you can start at 80
    Is it 80? more then 8 levels difference and an enemy will show up as gray, but I never actually tested it since all of my customers have been 85 to start.
    Break's over, farming time is a go!
    Level Boosting

    I Expanded my level range from 83-90 to 73-90! Much broader scale of levels now available. I also reduced the price of all levels up to 85 from 5,000 gold to 1,500 gold per level, so its much more affordable.

    Bulk Items

    I added embersilk cloth to the list of items available, with a price of 15g per stack.

    Alani Kills

    I sold my most recent one not too long ago and do not have one ready to go at this time. When I do, I will post an update.
    Another update. I have now added Hypnotic dust to my list of bulk items. I am also buying ghost iron lock boxes at 45g each, so feel free to CoD them my way!
    I joined Negalmuur for some XP soaking on an 85 alt yesterday. He helped me get to level 87 in the most painless fashion I've ever experienced. It only took about an hour.

    It was fast, easy, and really affordable. Highly recommend!
    Just server xfered in; saw OP selling Alani in trade. Thought it was a good deal, so I purchased it from him. Quick transaction, would do business again if mounts weren't BoA
    Thanks for the positive feedback guys, its always greatly appreciated.

    Alrighty, some updates to go along with this.

    I've dropped the price of Exotic Leather from 100g per stack to 50g per stack. If you want to reserve it for yourself, leave a reply here or shoot me a mail and I'll be sure all exotic leather is sent your way.

    Embersilk Cloth is now reserved until further notice, I will update it when the time comes.

    So yeah, I still need a buyer for Exotic Leather and Hypnotic Dust.

    Future items I am considering selling is Pyrite Ore and Elementium Ore. I'm not able to gather those items as fast as other ore, but its a steady flow. Once I check some pricing and gather more information on it, I will update my OP and let you all know if it will become available.

    To my current buyers: Thank you so much!

    Also, I'm not seeing the flow I would like on those Ghost Iron Lockbox. I went ahead and smoothed out the number, so I am now paying 50g per unlocked box you send me. I've received MANY already, but I want more! Every time you get one, just send it my way!

    EDIT: OH, I almost forgot to mention. I almost have another Sky Crystal ready to go, I suspect by the end of the week I will have another Alani kill ready to go. Interested parties should reply here or message me in game with their offers.
    More updates:

    Hypnotic Dust is now reserved. If it ever becomes available again, i will make the changes.

    Exotic Leather It would be nice to find a buyer soon. 50g per stack! My bulk is constantly growing, just waiting on that one person to dump it all on.

    Good news, I have another Sky Crystal ready to go, So I'm looking to sell another Alani kill. If you're interested, let me know.

    That's it for the updates!
    Pretty awesome guy here! Very nice / helpful in game. And his services are reasonable, as I for one hate hate hate leveling. It is hard to find decent / honest people on this game these days.
    Thank you guys for sending me all those lockboxes!


    I'm getting all giddy just thinking about what might be inside them all!

    Also, my Alani kill has been sold, so it will be a little bit of time til the next one is ready.
    Inside those lockboxes, there be even more lockboxes.
    Oh thank goodness! Exotic Leather finally has a buyer =D. Its reserved until further notice!

    With that being said, Im about halfway to another Alani kill, so be ready for that.

    Also, I'm most likely going to add Golden Lotus to the list of bulk items as well. Waiting on patch 5.3 to hit for me to make a judgement. The price on them will be 50g each as of now.

    As for the Pyrite Ore and Elementium Ore: I'm going to sell these at 25g a stack. The price is low for people that want to level a profession, or if you simply want to take it and flip it for a higher price.

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