Sacred Shield Spell

Sacred Shield Level 90
40 yd range
Instant 6 sec cooldown
Requires Paladin
Requires level 45
Protects the target with a shield of Holy Light for 30 sec. The shield absorbs up to 343+1.17*holy spell power damage every 6 sec.

I'm probably just being dense.....but this spell protects the target for 30 seconds and has a 6 second cooldown. It can only be on one target at a time, so not multiple targets. I can tell from the icon when the cooldown is over - but other than the buff icons below the targets name, which in a 25 man is itsy, bitsy and not always in the same place so I have trouble telling when the cooldown can be reapplied.
I tried using the CLCRET addon to create an Aura Button and Need To Know addon to track the reapplication expiration. But neither works....they both track the 6 sec cooldown.
Any suggestions on how I can track the 30 second cooldown?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
The 30-second and 6-second buffs have the same name, so tracking it by name will confuse addons. You need to either set it to track the one with the longest duration (which can still confuse them sometimes) or use the spell ID of the 30-second buff (20925).
You can track this and many other CD's, Debuff's, and Buff's with NeedToKnow. You just need to specify to the addon whether it's a buff, debuff, or CD and whether it's on yourself, your target, or your focus. So it won't get confused about the buff and spell sharing the same name.
Using the buff ID (20925) or the spell ID (65148) has the same effect....they both track the 6 sec. CD....not the 30 sec. effect.
Any other suggestions? Really would like to get this working with my CLCRET.
...Are you tracking the buff or the cooldown? Because if you have it set to track the cooldown it's always going to be six seconds...
The 30-second part isn't a cooldown at all, it's a buff duration. If you're setting things up to track a cooldown, it will do that, and (correctly) show you a 6-second cooldown. If you want to track the buff, you need to set it up to track a buff.

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