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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
"Hold the line!" a man shouted from the top of the twin gates into Stormwind. He looked down towards the fight. 'too many...' he thought.

"Sir, i've got news from the docks, they are under siege as well, should we spare some of our troops to them?" a young soilder asked the man.

"No, tell them we have to many problems here...." the man said, looking down at the bloody battle feild. waves of orcs surged into the line of Stormwind infantry.

he sighed, and saw the young soilder talk on a radio. he mustnt have been older than 18, when a large group of lava soaked boulders smashed into the wall infront of him, than through the terapets, and ripping a large hole into the wall... and the young radio operatior was gone.

A tear strolled down the face of the man, and he looked back down onto the battlefeild.

"Do not falter!" he yelled down as a barage of molten rock landed on the wall near meters from him. "Don't let your bretheren die in vain!" he yelled, than looked at the walkway beside him... he sighed, drew his weapons and ran towards the end of the wall........


A man lay in a bed, twisting and turning, having nightmares. he sat up and rubbed his eyes. a sliver of light broke through his windors. "late to wake..." he muttered to himself and got out of bed. He wore nothing but black shorts, and walked outside into the crisp morning air. "Ahh....." he sighed and went off to the training grounds.

Ok this is a thread(well duh!). i gave you a bit of the future instead of the present to hook you better. This is a simple RP where most people will be pulling together for either side to win a victory. I want this to be very strategic and not just 'lolmurder'.
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Weght/height(can be general, ex: tall for a dwarf):
hair/eye colour:
skin colour:
Physical discription(as if they where wearing undergarments)
simple backstory: (No more than 5-8 lines please!)
example of a post:

EDIT: this will happen 5 years after pandaria
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I'll bite. I've got a couple character concepts that would work great. Do you have problems with out-of-the-box things, like multiple personalities, paranoia, things along those lines? Also are you okay with faction abandonment/betrayal. i.e. -so and so abandons the horde to join the alliance
Name: Ten'thris "Knives" Darkarrow

Age: the equivalent of 20 in human years.

Weght/height(can be general, ex: tall for a dwarf): Tall for a blood elf, with a womanish physique, and little to no bodyfat

hair/eye colour: His hair is a stark white, and his eyes are about twice as dark as the stereotypical (WoW default color) green

skin colour: Same skintone as the portrait I'm posting from, but most of his body is pale white from scarring.

Physical discription(as if they were wearing undergarments): If he were in undergarments, his body would be roughly 96% covered in jagged scars, his ears would be notched in several places, and he would have the biggest, most genuine smile on his face you'd ever seen.

Weapons: Two large black swords, which he seems to handle with ease.


(Regular, times of leisure/peace)
Baggy black cloth pants, torn at the knee; Bare feet; Black tape around his hands.

Full black leather, tight to his body, soft leather shoes, the only thing seen would be his eyes and his fingertips. Think of his helmet as an all black mixture of the Bloodfang Hood and Godfrey's hat in Shadowfang Keep.

simple backstory:
Shortest possible version: Grew up poor, stole and fought to help provide for himself and his mother(he didn't know his dad) This goes on for a long time, he manages to smile through it all and find the joy in everything, even after his mother died. Constantly trains to make himself strong in some attempt to honor her death. He sees an ad for some training school, meets his father, Grim Darkarrow, there, after much emnity they fight and he finally accepts Grim as his father and his family name. Goes on some adventures, makes some friends. He kind of just showed up with the thought in his mind that the Horde were in the wrong, gave the alliance the information he had, offered to fight with them, Is now in current setting.
(sorry it's 2:30 in the morning here and I'm tired xD Woops, this makes line #9)

example of a post:
He burst through the chamber doors, his cloak billowing from the resounding impacts. He approached his table with a sort of malice, his long black snake, Skuggo, slinking out of a nook in his shoulderplate to cross around his neck to the other. Making his way around the desk, the elf let his hand skim across the surface, allowing the dark serpent to make it's way onto the desktop, and the crimson cushion seated on the right frontal corner.

As Grim sat in his seat, he looked up at the blackened bow mounted just above the doorway. A sinister grin crept across his lips as he recalled the countless battles the bow had stood beside him in. The countless lives they had taken as one. Fel fires lit the torches in his study, and his grin increased in size at the thought. Yes this was HIS study, located at the epicenter of this mansion he had had constructed; Darkarrow Manor.

Knives would be arriving at any moment, some overjoyous talk of a battle and helping "the right side" win. Grim's eyes swept over the various tomes, grimoires, and books that covered the shelves lining his study. How that boy could grow to be so different than his father, yet so similar almost left the scarred patriarch baffled. He grinned again. Almost.
I'll bite. I've got a couple character concepts that would work great. Do you have problems with out-of-the-box things, like multiple personalities, paranoia, things along those lines? Also are you okay with faction abandonment/betrayal. i.e. -so and so abandons the horde to join the alliance

perfectly fine with all of that.
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Yea, I was just trying to give you a feel on how I write :3 I'm not going to be doing much with Grim anyhow, so you don't have to worry about me constantly referencing the scars. ^_^

also, <3<3<3 Kialla! ((Honestly everyone does, and it really bothers me :/))
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Does my history HAVE to be that short? And why do you want to know what I look like in underwear? o.o
Does my history HAVE to be that short? And why do you want to know what I look like in underwear? o.o

it can be long.

Because you see someone's physique better, it's not like i'm a perv or nothing
it can be long.

Good... I can't get much shorter. =(

Because you see someone's physique better, it's not like i'm a perv or nothing

Ok... *cough* -perv- *cough

Name: Kialla

Age: Adult

Physical attributes/description: Long and dark hair starkly contrasts her pale skin, the bluish hue rendering that marks her race near bereft from her own features. She stands at about six and half feet and retains a fairly muscular tone within the softer, feminine countenance of her body. Her horns are short and swept back, ending in sharp points curling upwards. Usually hidden beneath her clothing, painful marks adorn her skin, scarring her torso and left arm, the remnants and reminder of the fiery magics wielded by warlocks. The scars extend onto her hand, visible to those who look closely, the skin jagged and rough.

Armor: Her armor now is human forged, a heavy plate, bound with leather, and padded with a soft cotton. The metallic shine has long since tarnished, leaving it a dull white, chipped and grooved with the warded strikes that would have otherwise landed a deadly blow. Her shield however one of the few relics she yet possesses from her former home, still holds its glamour, the bluish gems still gleaming within their sockets and the shining symbol of the Narru still resolute within the crystalline surface.

Weapons: She carries two weapons, one being a silvery blade, shimmering with a blue flame to compliment her shield. The other is a large, heavy two-handed sword forged with the alliance crest set into the center of the hilt.

And....simple backstory: A former vindicator, Kialla once wielded the powers gifted by the Light. Such gifts lay beyond her capacity to draw upon since the genocide committed on her race, the voice stolen from her throat by Blackhand's warlocks. Her home city on Draenor threatened to be destroyed like the many others had been, Kialla led a defensive skirimish against a small orc warband with the hope to both deter the orcish horde and gain information on their adversary.

Her own band was victorious over the smaller orc party, her own life was left near forfeit as the sudden realization of the power the orcs now wielded left her lying, screaming in agony as the magic enveloped her body seemingly setting her own flesh blistering in shadowy flames. Prayers to the Light from her companions subdued the deceitful spells, but the damage was more extensive than what could be healed on the field.

The next several days she spent in the care of her brother, a devout priest. Though his continuous efforts and prayers did return Kialla her strength and vigor, her voice was not, leaving her unable to call upon the Light herself.

The orcs ravished the area in within the next few weeks, bringing them close to the city, and with the orders given by the elders, Kialla nd the rest of the inhabitants abandoned their home and made for Shattrath. They were quite happy to find the large city still there, hidden from the hungry, prying eyes of the Horde, though such happiness did not last long with the news that nearly their entire race was what remained there in the city.

Days later, again they left for the Zangarmarsh as the horde prepared to assault the city. To Kialla's horror, her own brother volunteered to remain behind within the city and stand against the horde. Even against her tears and pleading, her stout sibling refused to be swayed in his decision, and bayed her to flee the city.

The Zangarmarsh gave little reprieve to Kialla with the reflection of the loss of the majority of her race. Honing her own physical combat skills was the main outlet of her sorrow since she had lost her ability to voice her thoughts. Dutifully she later followed as Velen led the remainder of the Draenei to charge the Tempest Keep and wrestle control of the Exodar. Since it's untimely and rough arrival on Azuremyst Isle, she has served in the Alliance military, helping to batter off the Horde and the Burning Legion.

Example of a post: Here's one of Kia having a weird dream in the other thread I'm in. o.o

Kialla started suddenly, snapping awake as the table seemed to just vanish from beneath her. She crashed to the floor, the resounding 'THUD' as her plated body smashed against the wood. Confusion flashed across her face as she picked herself up and glanced around.

The room was devoid of everything... the bar, tables, even her things had disappeared! The room itself seemed to fade into nothing, the wooden walls stretching far into the distance like a never ending hallway.
'How in the holy Light is this...' The words formed on her lips though no sound came from her throat.

"I am Alviira Silverhawk." A sharp voice spoke from behind her suddenly. Kialla whirled around, almost choking in her startlement as she faced a trio of strangers. They stood several feet away, apparently talking to eachother. The rest of the monologue sounded garbled and incomprhensible as they spoke with one another, almost like it was a language she'd never come across before.

They seemed completely oblivious to her presence, even with the commotion of her slamming heavily on the floor. Not knowing who they were, she stepped closer, trying to guage their identity. She was only a few feet away now, and they still ignored her entirely as if she wasn't there at all.

“Glad to meet you, Miss Silverhawk, I’m Charles McCormick."

One figure suddenly turned and faced Kialla, his face becoming surprisingly clear as he spoke in a deep, masculine tone. The suddeness made the draenei's heart jump to her throat, and the sick feeling of dread ripping into her gut as the man stared straight through her. Kialla took a step back, and turned to run.


Kialla met the wall face first as she turned, finding herself wierdly inverted as the wall seemed to hold her fast as she tried to kick herself free of it. A moment of horror gripped her chest as footsteps ran at her while she helplessly floundered against the wood.

"Are you alright?"

The voice had a strange foreign accent, almost....pandaren? Kialla turned over to face the voice, and found herself staring straight up at the innkeeper from the floor. 'A dream...?' She suddenly realized, her face blushing a purplish blue as she glanced about.

The room was back to normal, and she was lying on the floor beneath the table, where she was now certain she'd made quite the rediculous fool of herself trying to levitate herself by kicking and beating against the wooden panels in her sleep. The foreign voice was indeed pandaren, as the innkeeper had come hurrying over as he noticed the commotion coming from the dreaming draenei.


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