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I read a lot about choosing arms back in cata, then for MoP I read fury was better, can somebody give me as much information about this as he can according to his experiences? DPS warriors expected to answer, thanks :)
I'm not sure what you're expecting for an answer. Fury is higher DPS then arms right now. That's pretty much it. They're not that far from each other though.

However specs change all the time. If you don't need to absolutely be the top DPS in your raid then play what you want.

If you want a more in-depth discussion of the warrior DPS specs I would suggest posting on the warrior class forum.
The difference between them is quite small and only the top 1% of raiding/arena/rated BG teams actually require their members to be in the FOTM spec for that class and content.

Everyone else makes slight mistakes often enough that the little bit of difference between the two specs gets lost in the noise.

Also the specs play differently and even require a slightly different approach and mindset. If you are more adept at playing one than the other, to the point where it's noticeable, then it's better to play the one you feel most comfortable with (even if it's not the "optimal" spec) rather than the one that you are less confident about just because in a computer-simulation in a perfect situation it puts out 2% more damage.
Fury has nice aoe.

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