Open Libram LXXII: Rainbow in the Dark

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Personal childhood experience says that this is most likely Pure Evil Incarnate, wrapped in a cute fuffy camouflage package.

Big Macintosh needs to loose some weight, he's starting to turn into a fatty with Applejack doing all the work.
Well, I feel a bit better now. I don't seem to be able to dominate LFR runs as DPS right now, probably because my gear is poor, but on my Shaman I just beat the pants off all the other healers in a Terrace LFR run.
I actually meant real ponies crushing a car, but this too is acceptable.

Close enough?
That reminds me of a man I saw driving a moped with a sheep fastened onto the back in Ramadi, Iraq.
after spend a lot of money to level BS and ENG. I have less than 40 gold to my main.
Worth it for BS/Eng, in my opinion.
If I did more pvp and/or played ret more in general, I'd likely drop JC and pickup Eng. Last time I had Eng on this toon was in BC, but in wrath it was nearly worthless for tanking, so I switched to Mining for a while for the passive stam buff, then in Cata switched to JC.

I do have eng on my warrior which seems to be good enough for keeping me satisfied with the fun of eng lol.
YGO on TV. Damn I hope I never outgrow saturday morning cartoons lol.


Original Yu-Gi-Oh FTW.

Reminds me of being a kid going to card tournaments and having fun.
Finally got my healer to 480. I couldn't ever get a trinket to drop from the rares at Domination Point. My VP was capped at 3k, but no reps were close enough to the next level that I could easily go that route, and you can't convert VP to CP or even to JP.

I ended up just doing a few 5-mans since they give a bunch of JP per boss now, converted that to honor, and bough a few 476 items. One LFR run was enough to get friendly with shado-pan assault, so I have something to spend VP on now at least.

Healing is so much more relaxing to me for some reason.
Argh, I hate the start of a new anime season, debating what to pick up. I still have a backlog pages long of stuff from previous seasons, but they keep throwing more stuff to watch at me.
i haven't found an anime that captured my interest in a long time. and my standards are pretty low. i'm a sucker for big robots and transformation sequences.
Chicks dig giant robots.
YGO on TV. Damn I hope I never outgrow saturday morning cartoons lol.


Season one is the best, made absolutely no sense and none of the rules made sense. Though they did a pretty poor job dubbing it, their mouths are still moving even though they stopped talking.
Is anyone else using DP for PvE as ret? I'm really liking it but does anyone have any tips or such for using it?
Use it before it falls off.

Seriously, what do you want?
DP is the more "fun" choice for me - the random factor is actually enjoyable, but when bad RNG is involved then it's awful and I fall behind. Good DP streaks is just so fun.

SW is the one that gives a more consistent DPS boos as long as I can use it on cooldown. When I need to save AW for particular burst cycles then it can lower DPS .. but the chaingun HoW is good.

I haven't used HA yet in MoP - but the equivalent talent back in Cataclysm was pretty good. Plus this has the awesome bonus of using the Ashbringer when HA is up.
To Vlad:

Kawaii uguu:

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